travian bot is the best bot to conquer your game server

travian bot is developed to make players’s life easier. We focus on automation of repetitive and bored tasks that consumes you a lot of time. This way you will be able to focus on your own strategy.

tcommander bot - introduction

TCommander Bot - Travian Bot Head


Our goal is travian bot to reduce the time you should be in front of the computer to play by simulating a player interacting with your account, and TCommander is the bot that makes this work for you.

So you can use TCommander to automate your own building strategy, farming strategy, attack strategy, etc. The idea is to keep having fun and enjoy the game without wasting a lot of time by automating bored and repetitive tasks. You keep the fun and TCommander takeover the bored part.

Just command TCommander to do whatever you need and watch your villages grow like never before.

Feel free to navigate through the website to check all the features available. You can contact us any time if you have any question, bug report or if you want any new feature to be implemented. We will do our best to provide the best customer support.


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tcommander bot - testimonials

… This tool is the most useful bot I have found. It was farming the whole day automatically and keep my villages full of resources. Its AWESOME…


travian bot is extremely useful for a wide variety of tasks such as evading my troops in any village, sending resources on under attack and supplying resources to my own village if they lack of resources. Now I feel that all my villages are very protected and growing very fast.


… This tool saves me a LOT of time. Us, the players, has been sorely lacking a tool like this. I have a large account and its so easy to manage it with this travian bot. Now I can focus on my own defense strategy without clicking each village.


… I was amazed with the buildings graphics design and animations when certain building is being built. It looks very nice. I love the way I can place buildings inside the village and they are added in the buildings queue automatically.


Download TCommander Botfree trial – no credit card required


Checkout The Main Features

tcommander bot feature Create your automatic buildings queue with a few clicks and let TCommander to build/upgrade your buildings as soon as resources are available.
tcommander bot feature Set resources reserve in buildings queue if you want this travian bot not to empty your warehouses/granary while building your Empire.
tcommander bot feature Save buildings list in your hard disk to load the same buildings construction strategy later in other villages.
tcommander bot feature Now your resources are save, they are sent before attack arrives.
tcommander bot feature Supply other villages automatically when they lack of resources to build.
tcommander bot feature Send resources automatically before warehouses/granaries are full.
tcommander bot feature Search for trade offers automatically.
tcommander bot feature Research and train any troop automatically as soon as resources are available.
tcommander bot feature Upgrade your troops up to the desired level as soon as resources are available.
tcommander bot feature Train your troops automatically after the training building is built.
tcommander bot feature Create a huge list of farms and let this travian bot to gain much more resources automatically.
tcommander bot feature Evade Attacks: Dont lose your settler or offensive troops while you sleep anymore!!!
tcommander bot feature If ANY of your villages is under attack, your troops can flee automatically.
tcommander bot feature Just set which troops will evade incoming attacks and avoid troop loss.
tcommander bot feature Search Farms easily, filtering by distance, population and tribe.
tcommander bot feature Import Gold Club Farms List.
tcommander bot feature Attack/fake ALL villages of a player at once with a few clicks.
tcommander bot feature Attack/fake ALL villages of an entire alliance with a few clicks.
tcommander bot feature Let your hero to go to the adventures automatically as soon as they are available.
tcommander bot feature Watch your Hero statistics.
tcommander bot feature You can make strategy decisions faster by viewing the resources, attacks and buildings of ALL your villages in a single screen.
tcommander bot feature Reports archiving: View all your reports in a single place.
tcommander bot feature Your reports will be archived in your PC, dont worry if server delete them automatically.
tcommander bot feature Search for Elephants automatically filtering by distance.
tcommander bot feature Search Crops automatically filtering by distance and crop type.



Download TCommander Botfree trial – no credit card required




Most Common FAQs for travian bot


  • How many PCs can I install travian bot?
    You can install this travian bot in any amount of PCs.
  • How long Can I use the trial version?
    You can use trial version 7 days after you login your server with TCommander Bot.
  • Can I keep auto-farming if I shutdown my PC?
    No, TCommander does not work offline. You must have your PC turned on in order to keep it working with your account.
  • Can I use one License for multiple accounts?
    No, each TCommander license is per server account. So if you want to use TCommander for more server accounts you must order more Licenses.
  • I can not find a buy button to order a License. How can I order a License?
    First, you must download and install the trial version. Once TCommander is installed and running you must login with your account credentials to allow TCommander Bot to check your account and asign a trial license for 7 days. Then go to top menu Help->Buy License
    For more details please visit our page : How to Buy


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