Main Settings

In TCommander Bot you have Main Settings sub-window where you can define, forgive the redundancy,  the main settings of current game account in the bot. So you will have different settings per each game account.

To open Main Settings sub-window just go to top menu “Settings“/”Main Settings“:


In this window you may set different settings:

main settings

Main Settings

Online Time – Main Settings

Get bot offline/online automatically” feature will make the bot to get offline and online indefinitely to ensure it will be connected to game server no longer that the recommended time to avoid being detected by multihunters.

Default online and offline values are recommended settings to have TCommander Bot connected to game server as longer as possible in 24 hours.

This is how it works:
If bot is offline, it will be disconnected from game server but waiting random minutes as set in “Offline Time” settings. After offline random time is reached, it will connect to game server and start doing all automated tasks. At this point it will be waiting random minutes as set in “Online Time” settings (while doing all automated tasks). After online random time is reached, the bot will disconnect from game server and start waiting random offline time again like first step.

You should NEVER disable automatic offline/online activity, otherwise the bot could be online more time that the recommended one, and your account could be banned.


Attack Recognition – Main Settings

“Attack Recognition” feature scans all your villages every random number of minutes to detect any incoming attack. It is enabled by default and is required for other features to work. For example, automatic evasion, showing incoming troops in Farms Tab, sending resource automatically, train troops and sound alarms when village is under attack.

You can define minimum and maximum number of minutes to generate random time to start scanning your villages for incoming attacks.


Human Emulation 

“Human Emulation” feature is used in travian bot to add random time to certain automatic tasks and simulate a human player interacting with your game account. This feature is enabled by default and you can set minimum and maximum time interval to define the random time. 


Buildings Constructions

TCommander Bot starts building your buildings and resources mines of all your villages every random number of minutes to simulate human behavior. Here you can define minimum and maximum number of minutes to generate the time to start building or upgrading any building or resource mine from your construction queue.

For more details see Random time section from buildings queue logic.


Sound Alarms 

“Sound Alarms” feature is used to alert you when certain events occurs.

Sound alarms is available for incoming attacks so far. So “Attack Recognition” must be enabled too in order to get sound alarms. This mean that sound alarm will start ringing after attack recognition detects an incoming attack by checking village within random time defined by you. This feature is enabled by default and you may see an Alert sub-windows with a sound when any of your village is under attack:

Sound Alarm Window

Sound Alarm Window


SILENCE” green button will silence current sound alarm only for current detected attack but will sound again if bot detect attacks later.

Disable Sound Alarms” blue button will silence current sound alarm and will not sound again if it detects more attacks later because sound alarms are being disabled. At this point if you want to enable sound alarms again you must go to “Settings” top menu as described in this manual.


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