Attack Tab

Oct 29, 2018

Attack Tab is the place where you can plan to attack your enemies or defend your allies. You can plan and send scheduled attacks to be sent on certain date and time and conquer villages while your enemies are sleeping. Also you can send fake attacks to all villages of a player to confuse your enemies. Definitely this is an amazing tool to coordinate your attacks and make you a powerful player.


Anatomy of Attack Tab

Here you can see the different sections and options of Attack Tab. These options are described as follows:

Attack Tab

Attack Tab (click to enlarge)

  1. Target : You can choose a target village by selecting from the dropdown list of villages (which has a list of villages around you), or select target directly by inserting X,Y coordinates.
  2. Troops: Here you can select number of units to send attack.You may notice that besides each text box there is a green number link with parenthesis, for example: (100). This is the number of units available in Rallypoint, so you can not set a number higher than that. By clicking this link, the maximum number of units is set automatically.
  3. Sending Type: Here you can select Normal Attack, Raid Attack or Reinforcement.
  4. Catapult: This section will be visible only if you enter a number of catapult units higher than 0. From the buildings dropdown lists you can select the catapult target building to destroy. The second buildings drop down list will be visible only if your Rallypoint is level 20 and you set a number of catapult units higher or equal than 20.
  5. “Send Now” button: With this button you can send your troops immediately. It will be enabled only if you have selected a target and entered a number of units to send.
  6. “SCHEDULE” section: Here you can set the options to make scheduled attacks to define exact departure time or arrival time. Scheduled attacks is detailed in Scheduled Attacks Manual.
  7. Scheduled Attacks Grid: In this grid you may see the list of scheduled attacks, a good place to manage your attacks plan. It is also explained in Scheduled Attacks Manual.
  8. “Refresh” button: This button will refresh information from Rallypoint to set the number of units available to send.


Spy your enemies

You can also use this tool to scout any target. You only need to insert number of spies and select “Attack (Raid)” option to make visible scout options:




It is possible to schedule scout attack too in order coordinate with other types of attacks.



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