Automatic Troops Training

Sep 3, 2018

In previous manuals we introduced Troops Tab and saw details about automatic troops researching and automatic troops upgrading. Once you research a troop type, you are able to train units. In TCommander Bot you can set automatic troops training even if it does not have the requirements to train. It will wait until troop is researched or until village has enough resources to train and will start training automatically. Let´s see these automatic features in details in this manual.


Anatomy of Troop Training Section

In troop training section you may see all the elements related to training troops (manual or automatic):

Troop Training section for Axeman

Troop Training section for Axeman

  1. Troop Type Icon: It represents the troop type of the current row. The sample image above shows Axeman icon. So you will be training Axemans for the current row shown above.
  2. Present: It is the number of units present in village. The example above shows 2498 axemans in village.
  3. Units To Train Textbox: In this text box you enter number of units to train manually. 
  4. “Train Now” buton: Use this button to train troops manually and immediately (manual training). It will train the number of units entered in left text box marked as #4 red circle.
  5. Training Notify Icon: This icon indicates that it is unable to train for certain reason. If you put the mouse over this icon you may see the reason. We will see all possible reasons of training failure later in this manual.
  6. Training Advanced Settings button: Click this tiny button to show a new sub-window to setup advanced automatic training. We will see details about Training Advanced Settings later in this manual.
  7. Enable 24/7 training checkbox: Use this checkbox to enable or disable 24/7 automatic training. It is disabled by default. This is a quick way to enable one of the automatic training settings. It is also contained in Training Advanced Settings sub-window to be explained later.
  8. Maximum in Village text box: This text box appears only after you enable 24/7 automatic training with checkbox marked as #7. Here you set a limit to train units up to a maximum units present in village. If you enter 0, it will train automatically with no limit. We will see details later in Training Advanced Settings .
  9. Training units and due time: This section shows how many units are being built in either Barracks or Great Barracks with a green number, and next to it, the due time to finish training.Of course for other type of troops that are trained in stable you would see training in Stable, Great Stable or Workshop instead.


Training Advanced Settings

In Training Advanced Settings sub-window you have 3 types of automatic training described by its training parameters: “Training 24/7“, “Train on village under attack” and “Train on full Warehouse/Granary“:

Training Advanced Settings

Training Advanced Settings

  • Training 24/7:
    Used to train troops continuously 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
    “Maximum in village” number allows you to set a limit of troops in village, so it will stop training if it reach that number of troops. If you enter 0 units (no limit) then it will train troops with no limit indefinitely 24/7. Use “Maximum Queue Time” in hours to not exceed the total time in queue to train this type of troop.
    In “Random Units” text boxes you can define minimum and maximum number of troops to generate random number of units to train in each round; this way you can also control how much resources are spent in each round. 

    This is the complete logic for Training 24/7:  Every random number of minutes (between 30 and 60 mins.), if storehouses have enough resources, train random number of troops until reaching maximum number of troops desired in village or reaching maximum hours in training queue.

  • Train on village under attack: 
    This setting is helpful to spend your resources before any attack arrives to your village. It will train all possible number of troops when village is under attack and arriving in less than the number of minutes defined in “Attack Arrival Within” text box.
  • Train on full Warehouse/Granary: 
    Use this setting to spend resources and avoid storehouses to get full.
    It will train troops when storehouses get full in any type of resource (lumber, clay, iron or crop). When any of these resource types reach 100%, it will train as much troops as possible to reach the desired % in storehouses defined in “Desired % of resources after training”.
  • Support with Great Barracks:
    Great Barracks are usually needed when you are in a rush and need to train more troops in less time and dont want to wait long time for training queue in barracks to finish after many hours. So enable this setting to let travian bot to train in Great Barracks instead of Barracks when training queue in Barracks takes longer that number of hours defined in “Minimum Training Queue“. 

    Complete logic: For all 3 types of automatic training conditions, it will use Barracks always as long as the total time in queue does not exceed the number of hours defined in “Minimum Training Queue“. If queue time is exceeded, the troops will be trained in Great Barracks instead.Of course, for other troop types that are trained in Stable, you would see “Support with Great Stable” instead.


Also you can set and enable automatic training even if the troop type has not been researched yet, or even if training building does not exists (i.e Barracks). In either case it will start training automatically after troop is researched or after training building is built. AWESOME!!

This way you don’t have to wait for anything to start training units automatically. Just setup and go to sleep.


Training Failure Reasons

travian bot detects automatically if it is unable to train units. If for any reason it cannot train troops then it will show a notification icon. Once the reason of failure is gone, it will continue training troops automatically. For example if village had not enough resources to train troops and suddenly it has enough resources, it will start training again automatically.

In the following table you can see all the possible failure reasons represented by its notification icon:

Need Resources to Train Village needs resources to train. Village does not have enough resources to train troops. You must bear in mind that if you are using Resources Reservation feature, this icon will still appear if village resources are under resources reservation amount plus resources to train amount. For more details about Resources Reservation feature, see previous manual Troops Tab.
Barracks is missing Barracks is missing: This icon will be shown only for troop types trained in Barracks. This can happen if suddenly your village is attacked and Barracks is destroyed or just Barracks does not exists in village.
Stable is missing Stable is missing: This icon will be shown only for troop types trained in Stable. This can happens if suddenly your village is attacked and Stable is destroyed or just Stable does not exists in village.
Workshop is missing Workshop is missing: This icon will be shown only for troop types trained in Workshop. This can happen if suddenly your village is attacked and Workshop is destroyed or just Workshop does not exists in village.
Needs upgrade Residence, Palace or Command Center Village needs upgrade Residence, Palace or Commander Center: This icon will be shown only for troop types that can be trained in Residence, Palace or Command Center (Settlers, Governors, Chief, Chieftain, etc.) It means that you need to upgrade any of these buildings in order to train units. For example if your Residence is level 10 and you already trained all possible Settlers for Residence level 10, then you need to upgrade Residence to level 20 in order to continue training Settlers.

In either case, you can put the mouse cursor over the icon to see tooltip with notification message.


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