Added Estonian, Slovak languages and a security improvement

Nov 11, 2021 | News | 3 comments

Dear players, today we are releasing TCommander Bot v0.0.58.0 that supports estonian and slovak languages for any game server.

We have also added a very important security improvement to avoid bot detection.

Let’s see in detail:

Estonian and Slovak user interfaces

We have added estonian and slovak user interfaces with all texts translated to those languages:

Estonian user interface
Estonian user interface (click to enlarge)

Slovak user interface
Slovak user interface (click to enlarge)

You can start seeing these new languages interfaces by selecting any of these languages from top menu “Language”.

Online Scheduler have been changed

Previously, many users did not setup the old Online Scheduler correctly for different reasons: because it was kind of complex to follow all the rules or just because they forget to do it from the beginning. This situation was causing bot detection by multihunters. So in order to avoid incorrect Online Scheduler setup, we have replaced the old Online Scheduler by a more secure algorithm with only a few settings that will ensure having the bot connected to game server only the necessary time to avoid being detected by multihunters.

New online scheduler
New online scheduler

Now by default travian bot is set to get offline and online automatically every certain number of minutes. Those default values are the recommended settings to have TCommander Bot connected to game server as longer as possible in 24 hours and avoid multihunter’s detection. However you can change these setting as you wish.

For more details about this new online Scheduler read Bot Security page.

Other bug fixes and improvements from this version

  • Fixed: Failure loading villages if game account is being deleted.
  • Fixed: Farms raid got stuck in status “Sending” if bot is restarted afer that status.
  • Fixed: Wonder image showing in new found villages.
  • Fixed: Loyalty shows 0% when it is actually 125%
  • Fixed: Troop upgrade task infinite loop.
  • Added: Scroll to gold club farm lists when user has a lot of farm lists.

We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer