Dear players, today we are releasing TCommander Bot v0.0.106.0 that supports finnish and swedish languages for any game server.

Finnish and swedish user interfaces

We have added finnish and swedish user interfaces with all texts translated in each language respectively:

Finnish user interface (click to enlarge)

Swedish user interface (click to enlarge)

You can start seeing these new languages interfaces by selecting any of these languages from top menu “Language”.

These are the last languages that we planned to add to travian bot. Now there are a total of 35 languages available for TCommander Bot and we are very proud to make a multilingual software during its development to make every player to feel confortable by using it in his own native language.  

However, we are aware that some texts in certain languages need to be polished. We have used automatic translation software to translate most part of the texts, so very soon we will call all users who are willing to help us in human translations to finish polishing all texts. GOOD Rewards will be given.

Other improvements and bug fixes from this version

  • Added: New sub-window to copy buy license url if bot fails to open url automatically in an external web browser (Windows 11 only).
  • Fixed: Failed Marketplace sending resources sometimes.
  • Fixed: Failed login due to game server update.

We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer