Automatic Troops Training has been enhanced

Dear Warriors, today we are publishing a new TCommander Bot version (v0.0.34.1) with significant improvements for automatic troops training to help you protect your resources and train more troops in less time efficiently with different types of training conditions like training 24/7, training on village under attack, training on full storehouses and training in Great Barracks and Great Stable. Let’s get into details:


We added a new section called “Training Advanced Settings” where you can setup all settings related to automatic troops training, which can be accessed through the following button:

Training Advanced Settings button

Training Advanced Settings button


Training Advanced Settings

Training Advanced Settings sub-window


Training 24/7

We made many improvements for Training 24/7 logic. Now every random number of minutes it will train a random number of units, so now you define the minimum and maximum number to generate random units. Also now you can limit training 24/7 by setting a maximum number of hours in training queue, so it will not continue training if total queue time for that specific troop type is reached.


Train on village under attack

Now you can spend your resources before an attack arrives to your village, just define how many minutes to train before attack arrival and you are done.


Train on full Warehouse/Granary

Now you can spend resources when Warehouse or Granary is full by training troops. You only need to define the desired percent of resources that you want in storehouses after training troops.

This is just another way to avoid having full storehouses in travian bot.


Support with Great Barracks or Great Stable

Now if you are in a hurry to train troops and have many troops in training queue already, you can support it with Great Barracks or Great Stable automatically to train more troops in less time. Just define a minimum number of hours in Barracks or Stable queue to start training in Great Barracks or Great Stable automatically. This way you can ensure to start training in Great Stable or Great Stable only when Barracks or Stable training queue has reached certain number of hours.


For more details about these new automatic troops training settings and complete logic, read Automatic Troops Training Manual.


What is coming next

We are working now to support Codex Victoria servers, so stay tuned to your email inbox or check our News Blog frequently.


We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer



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