Bot Security Improvements – Online Time Feature Added

Our top priority is to make TCommander Bot as undetectable and save as possible. That is why today we are releasing an important security update in version v0.0.31.4 to improve TCommander Bot security and avoid bot detection by Multihunters. It is very important to update TCommander to latest version to avoid banned accounts.

In this post we will specify only the visible changes that concerns to all users.


Online Time Feature Added

We substituted “Farming Time” feature that we used to schedule farming by a more strict and secure feature to schedule logout and login automatically from game server: “TCommander Online Time”

In top menu “Settings” / “Account Settings” now you may see “TCommander Online Time” schedule feature:


Online Time Schedule

Online Time Schedule


TCommander will be running during green local hours and will be stopped (logged out) during red local hours. This will reduce account activity drastically. When TCommander goes offline automatically, it will stop doing all automated tasks and will logout from game server immediately. We suggest to keep TCommander online no more than 12 hours a day.

We made other internal security improvements to avoid ban that are not visible to users.

We also modified TCommander Security page with details about how to use this feature and other instructions and features that you must consider in order to avoid banned accounts. We HIGHLY recommend to follow instructions from Security page to avoid banned accounts.


We are hard working for your game account security.


TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer


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