Bot update v0.1.14.0 – Gold club farming is back!

Dec 20, 2023 | News

gold club farming

Dear players, as you should know game servers were updated with a new farming interface recently. This made gold club farming and all functions related to it not to work anymore. Today after several days of hard working, finally we released TCommander Bot v0.1.14.0 which is updated to work with the latest gold club farming system.

We are now developing Beta 2 stage of TCommander Bot. In this stage we will be polishing the bot and making some minor improvements until we release the first stable version of TCommander Bot.

Other improvements not related to farming have been done too. Let’s see all in detail.

Gold Club farming and all it’s related functions are back!

The following functions are back and can be used again:

We encourage you to test all those functions deeply. We have tested and they work very well but we had no time to do a lot of tests. If you find any error while using those functions, report to us as soon as possible and we will make the necessary corrections.

Now you can continue farming tons of farms very quickly!!

Hero adventures maximum duration

Now automatic hero adventures can find adventures with up to 6 hours duration:

Maximum adventure location

If you settle a new village very far away from the current village, you might have adventures with more than 3 hours of duration. So we increased maximum value to 6 if you want travian bot to send hero to those far adventures. If you don’t want the bot to do those far adventures you can always decrease “Maximum adventure duration” parameter.

Added “Check updates” menu item

Now you can check bot updates without restarting the bot. Just go to top menu “Help” / “Check updates” and the bot will check if there are any updates available:

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed: Load Gold CLub Farm list crash if bot was not logged in.
  • Fixed: Login failure when bot reconnects after being inactive.
  • Fixed: Load village failure when having Great Granary building.
  • Fixed: Upgrade clay pit crash when main building is level 20.
  • Improved: Hero automatic adventures to not load adventures pages innecesarily if number of adventures is 0.
  • Fixed: Crash when adding 2nd proxy.
  • Fixed: Marketplace send resources failure if server is under version 2304.5
  • Fixed: Load marketplace translation problem for sk-SK language.
  • Fixed: Load Reinforcemente reports when source village does not exists anymore.
  • Fixed: Login failure “Invalid username or password” when the internet is slow.
  • Fixed: BUG. Bot was loading reports too fast.
  • Fixed: Merchants view control clipping (visual glitch).
  • Fixed: Proxy list dropdown was not changing selected proxy correctly and caused error
  • Fixed: Login failure for ptr.x3 server.
  • Improved: START/STOP button. Now it shows STOPPING… when it is still busying in the process of stopping the bot.
  • Added: Free Crop to AllResourcesDisplayer control.
  • Added: Buildings Data for X5 Servers.

We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer