News about Travian Commander Bot

Scheduled attacks improvements

Dear players, today we are releasing a new version of TCommander Bot v0.0.38.0 with improvements for scheduled attacks feature. Now you will be able to plan your attacks with precise timing by using all available options to calculate and fine-tune exact timing for troops movements; very good to plan combined attacks with your alliance. This improvement can also be used to send defensive troops to your own villages or allied members exactly before the attack strikes target village.

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Automatic Troops Training has been enhanced

Dear Warriors, today we are publishing a new TCommander Bot version (v0.0.34.1) with significant improvements for automatic troops training to help you protect your resources and train more troops in less time efficiently with different types of training conditions like training 24/7, training on village under attack, training on full storehouses and training in Great Barracks and Great Stable. Let’s get into details:

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Bot Security Improvements – Online Time Feature Added

Our top priority is to make TCommander Bot as undetectable and save as possible. That is why today we are releasing an important security update in version v0.0.31.4 to improve TCommander Bot security and avoid bot detection by Multihunters. It is very important to update TCommander to latest version to avoid banned accounts.

In this post we will specify only the visible changes that concerns to all users.

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