News about Travian Commander Bot

New Update v0.0.44.3: Improvements and bug fixes

TCommander Bot best travian botDear warriors, today we are releasing a new version of TCommander Bot v0.0.44.3 with improvements in Attack Tab and in Marketplace routes. The main benefits of these improvements are: spying single village and multiple villages at the same time; more efficient routes to distribute resources with less merchants traffic.

Lets see these improvements in detail.

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Farming engine has been improved

TCommander Bot best travian bot

Dear Warriors, today we are very proud to announce a new version of TCommander Bot v0.0.42.6 with more options to make farming engine more intelligent and profitable and including more raid methods to raid very fast. Let´s see all new improvements in detail:


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Critical Update v0.0.40.34 and all secured functions

Dear players,

Today we are releasing a critical version of TCommander Bot v0.0.40.34 with some improvements and bug fixes. This new version requires Net Framework 4.7.2 which must be installed in your computer. Also we have finished to improve all functions that were detectable by multihunters before. 

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Security Update v0.0.40.26 and 3 Months Free Licenses

Dear players,

Today we are releasing TCommander Bot security update version v0.0.40.26 with more safe functions. We are almost finishing the improvements of all functions to be safe and undetectable. Also after we finish the improvements of all functions, we will provide 3 months licenses (more details bellow).

This is the list of safe functions so far:

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