Critical Update v0.0.40.34 and all secured functions

Dear players,

Today we are releasing a critical version of TCommander Bot v0.0.40.34 with some improvements and bug fixes. This new version requires Net Framework 4.7.2 which must be installed in your computer. Also we have finished to improve all functions that were detectable by multihunters before. 

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Install new version of Net Framework

This new version of TCommander Bot requires Net Framework 4.7.2 in order to work correctly with latest improvements. You can download this version of Net Framework here:

Download Net Framework 4.7.2

After you install it, you must restart your computer and start TCommander Bot again, it will update to latest version automatically.


Improvements of this version

  • Upgraded project to NET. Framework 4.7.2
  • Fixed: Login failure after game servers update.
  • Made the rest of the functions undetectable by multihunters.


All functions are save now

We have finished to improve the rest of the functions of the bot and now every feature is safe and undetectable by multihunters. We have been making these improvements since a few months ago when game servers improved their bot detection tools.

Now you can use the bot safely, however you must keep using our recommended setup to avoid ban.

This is the list of all secured functions now:

  • Import farms from gold club farm lists (safe)
  • Export farms to gold club farm lists (safe)
  • Automatic raiding (safe)
  • Automatic evasion of attacks (safe)
  • Scheduled Attacks (safe)
  • Loading reports (safe)
  • Train units automatically (safe)
  • Research troop automatically (safe)
  • Upgrade troop automatically (safe)
  • Sending resources from Marketplace (safe)
  • Marketplace automatic routes (safe)
  • Marketplace automatic resources trading (safe)
  • NPC Crop Exchanger (safe)
  • Search Elephants (safe)
  • Search Cropper villages (safe)
  • Search Farms on map (safe)
  • Party Celebrations (safe)
  • Hero Adventures (safe)
  • Constructions of buildings or mines (safe)
  • Destruction of buildings or mines (safe)
  • Attacks Recognition (safe)

We want to thank all our users for understanding the situation who had waited patiently for us to secure and test all the functions. Bot security is our top priority to avoid multi-hunter detection.


We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer




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