Critical Update v0.0.41.14 (game servers update)

Application ErrorDear players,

Game servers have made a significant update and certain features of the bot stopped working. So we are releasing a critical update of TCommander Bot v0.0.41.14 to make all features back to work again. Also we made some bug fixes. 

Here is this list of features that stopped working before game servers update:

[Update July 26th, 2020] This week game servers updated his api again and some functions stopped working. Now everything is working back again and bot is 100% functional.

The fixes are in v0.0.41.15

List of features that stopped working before v0.0.41.14

  • Search Croppers villages
  • Search Elephants
  • Search farms on map
  • Sending resources from marketplace
  • Marketplace routes
  • NPC Crop Exchanger
  • Importing and exporting gold club farms lists
  • Crash while pushing START button.

Now all this features are working with latest version v0.0.41.14


Other bug fixes of latest version

  • Update: For latest version of game server. All functions back to work again.
  • Added: OS language in error logs.
  • Fixed: Crash when saving any log if file name already exists.
  • Fixed: Demolisher was reporting wrong active village after demolishing first time.
  • Fixed: Troops Tab showing research button if troop was already researched when missing academy and training building in village.
  • Fixed: NPC trade failure under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: Celebrate Party failure when Townhall does not exists anymore.
  • Fixed: Not enabled marketplace Routes were enabled after bot restart.
  • Fixed: Castle failed to upgrade.
  • Fixed: Search on Map was making the bot to pause all functions.
  • Fixed: Error when searching on edge of the map.
  • Updated: To latest version of game servers. API changed again.


We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer





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