Farming engine has been improved

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Dear Warriors, today we are very proud to announce a new version of TCommander Bot v0.0.42.6 with more options to make farming engine more intelligent and profitable and including more raid methods to raid very fast. Let´s see all new improvements in detail:


Farming engine improvements

New Raid Strategy options

New raid strategy options are highlighted in red squares


Raid Methods

Now you can select 1 of 2 raid methods to raid: “Raid with report details” or “Raid without reports“. Each method has his advantages and disadvantages.

Raid with report details” is the same raid method that we have been using so far. It has all raid strategy options available but it is a much slower method because it needs to read a lot of report details while farming in order to work correctly.

Raid without reports” is the fastest raid method because it does not need to read reports but has fewer options. It only send troops repeatly non-stop. It is the perfect method to raid the most profitable farms that dont kill your troops.


Minimum Bounty % and Number of Times for Minimum Bounty %

We have added these two new paramenters to let you control profitability from each farm so you can stop farming those farms that are not profitable enough for you and let you focus in the most profitable farms. For example with the settings defined in image above, if a farm is raided 6 times in a row and don’t get at least 35% bounty, the farm will be disabled.


Disable ocuppied oases (preventing enemies)

Now you can check if an oasis is occupied by another players before sending any troops. Farm will be disabled automatically as soon as oasis gets owned by another player. So you don’t have to worry if any oasis in your farm list is conquered by another player. travian bot will not attack that occupied oasis anymore preventing you from making enemies.


Attack inmediatelly if last attack was 100% effective

By enabling this option, if last attack had no troop loss and bounty is 100%, next attack will be sent inmediatelly and will not wait for scheduled raid frequency. This option helps to earn more resources faster. 


Fore more details about all these new raid strategy options read the manual Raid Strategy


Troops Reservation Feature

We have added a new colum in farms list to enable “Troops Reservation” per each farm:

travian bot troops reservation feature

Troops Reservation


Troops reservation feature allows you to reserve the number of troops required for each specific farm. This way you can ensure to have those troops in rallypoint for that farm all the time and you will never stop farming it due to lack of troops. You can use this feature to increase troop priority for those farms who are earning more profits.


Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved: Farm list now saves status of each farm when restarting bot.
  • Fixed: marketplace automatic trade failure when searching offers with duration longer than 24 hours.
  • Fixed: Error when loading Townhall while user activated another village from web browser.
  • Fixed: Failure when tried to send resources from marketplace and there is not enough resources to send.
  • Fixed: Error when searching farms on edge of the map.


We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer




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