Important Security Update v0.0.112.0

Aug 23, 2022 | News

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Dear warriors, we have noticed an increased amount of banned account reports. So we made some improvements and today we are releasing a very important security update (TCommander Bot v0.0.112.0) that you need to install immediatelly to reduce the risk of bot detection.

These are the improvements that we made in this version:

Integration with Google Chrome

Now TCommander Bot is using Google Chrome browser. So you need to install latest version of Google Chrome to make the bot to work: Download Google Chrome

Improved Anti ban System

We have reduced maximum number of hours allowed per day from 12 to 10 hours. So now TCommander Bot should be online no more than 10 hours per day from the same PC.

This means that you need to schedule the online time for all your accounts in TCommander now if your current schedule exceeds 10 hours.

We have modified Bot Security page, so you can read it again to learn how to setup online time schedule correctly to avoid ban.

  • In Main Settings “Generate schedule” blue button will now generate a random schedule with maximum 10 hours online.
  • In Main Settings “Stop Bot if it is too active” feature now will make the bot to stop if it is online more than 10 hours per day.
  • The online time indicator in the lower-right corner of the window now will become orange if bot is online more than 8 hours and will become red if bot is online more than 10 hours:

Online Time indicator

Improved usage of game accounts with proxies

Now online time schedule and all the settings that you see in Main Settings sub-window is saved separately per each proxy for the same game account.

So if you are using proxies the make the bot to work more online time with the same game account, now you don’t need to setup new schedule again per each proxy for the same account everytime you start travian bot, all the settings will saved separately per each proxy.

We have also added proxy host and proxy port in program window title when using a proxy:

proxy in window program title

This feature helps you to identify which bot is working with certain proxy when using multiple bots for the same game account with proxies.

What you have to do now inmediatelly

So let’s recap what you have to do now to avoid bot detection:

  • Install the latest version of Google Chrome. Download Google Chrome
  • Update TCommander Bot to version v0.0.112.0
  • Schedule online time again from all your game accounts in bot to not exceed more than 10 hours per day.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed: Hero Adventures infinite loop when account is banned.
  • Fixed: Some options in “Main Settings” sub-window are hidden when using low resolution screen.
  • Fixed: Bug that made the bot to start at exact time instead of random time.

We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
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