Intelligent Farming Engine improved and other farming options added

Today we are releasing a new TCommander Bot version v0.0.32.3 with more options to make farming engine more intelligent to gain more resources with less troops (more efficient). Also other features related to farms has been added. Let’s see these new features in detail.


New options in Raid Strategy for Intelligent Farming Engine

Now when you set raid strategy you have these parameters:

New Raid Settings

New Raid Settings

Red arrows point to new or improved farming options (see image above).

Maximum Allowed Troop Lost %: Here you can control percent of troops that you accept to lose and continue farming non-stop. So, if percent of troops lost in one attack is greater than the value defined here, the farm will be disabled automatically otherwise it will continue farming. Default value 0% means that no troops are allowed to die, so farm will be disabled if any amount of troops are lost.

Increase/Decrease troops number automatically: Here we combine two features in one. Increase troops gradually, which was already there; and decrease troops number, which is the new feature. It will increase troops number gradually up to Maximum Raid Troops if bounty profit is 100% or decrease number of troops depending how much % of resources they raid if bounty was less than 90%.

Also we added another farming feature which is enabled by default and no need to activate: Check protected farms.

Now if farm still has initial protection, travian bot will continue trying to send troops until initial protection of target player ends. The time to try again is defined by raid frequency option. This automatic feature is very good to start farming villages as soon as target player initial protection ends without having to check them in map manually.

For more details about defining raid strategies, read this manual: Raid Strategy


Import Gold Club Farm Lists improved

Now when you import gold club farm list you can decide if you want to keep raid troops from source farm list or use raid troops defined in “Raid Settings” options:

Gold Club keep source raid troops

Gold Club keep source raid troops


“Keep source raid troops” can be used for this option.

For more details about importing gold club farms list, read this manual: Import Gold Club Farms List


Alliance Members

Now, when searching farms, a new important information is shown in search results: “Alliance Members”:

Alliance Members column

Alliance Members column

Now you will be able to see the number of members of an alliance instantly!!

This information is very powerful to find weak or inactive players. Usually alliances with 1 or 2 members are inactive players.

For more details about searching farms, read this manual: How to search farms on map quickly.


We are hard working to make the best game bot ever seen.


TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer

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