New Update: “Managing Farms” UI enhancements

TCommander Bot best travian botDear Warriors, we are proud to announce the availability of TCommander Bot v0.0.46.2 with more functions to manage your farms easily and let you prepare your farming strategies with less effort and more accuracy. Let´s see it in detail:


Delete farm by coordinates

We have added new buttons to search and delete any farm very quickly. This function is very helpfull when you have tons of farms or farm lists and want to delete a specific farm. Now you will not need to spend time any more by looking for your farm in your farm lists:

C:\Users\yaenn\Documents\TCommander Bot\Marketing\Articulos\search-farm-coordinates.png

search farm by coordenates buttons (click to enlarge)


Search and delete from current list

Search farm by coordinates dialog


Add single farm

Now you will be able to add a single farm by entering its coordinates:

Add single farm button

Add single farm button


Add single farm dialog

Add single farm dialog


Selected farms actions

We have added 5 new action buttons with functions that are applied to selected farms only:


Selected farms buttons

Selected farms buttons


You can have access to these new functions also be right clicking the selected farms:

Farm selection


  1. “Move to list”:  You can move all selected farms to another farm list.
  2. “Send scouts”: You can send scouts to all selected farms very quickly.
  3. “Enable”: To enable all selected farms at once.
  4. “Disable”: To disable all selected farms at once.
  5. “Delete”: To delete all selected farms at once.


Change farm list priority

Now in travian bot you are be able to change the order of farm list farming to give priority to those lists that you want to raid first:


farm list priority buttons

farm list priority buttons


For more details about all these new functions, read the following manuals:

Farm Lists

Farms Tab


Other improvements and bug fixes from this release

  • Updated: TCommander bot for latest version of game servers.
  • Improved: Export gold club farm list to show error if list name already exists.
  • Fixed: Crash when editing “Supply building queue” route.
  • Fixed: Connection failure when using proxy credentials.
  • Fixed: Error when connecting to a proxy that requires credentials and user did not enter any credentials.
  • Fixed: Failure when sending resources inmediatelly to an ally.
  • Fixed: Unable to build 2nd trapper by clicking any empty site (Gauls tribe)


We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer



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