Marketplace automation improvements

Dear warriors, we are very excited to announce the release of TCommander Bot v0.0.48.1 with new features and improvements for Marketplace automator.

In this release you will see improvements to exchange your resources with other players even easier, new options for marketplace routes to make them more efficient, among other user interface improvements. Let’s see it in details.

Exchange resources by defining your goal

We have finished the development of “Exchange Resources” feature that allows you to exchange resources with other players in marketplace buy page. Finally you can define a goal of what you need to exchange, so the bot will make different buy operations until you meet your goals. For example “I need 10,000 lumber“:

Define your trade goal
Define your trade goal

For more details about how to setup and manage your trade goals, read our new manual Exchange Resources Tool.

Added Marketplace merchants reservation

Now you can reserve/save any number of merchants for your own needs, so the bot will not use them for its automatic tasks:

You will also be able to see merchants capacity as shown in image above.

Oasis attacks detection for Send On Under Siege route

We have added a new option “Send if oasis under attack too” to detect if any oasis owned by current village is under attack and send your resources if those oasis are under attack:

Send on under siege route
Send if oasis under attack too

More options for most route types

As seen on image above, we have added 2 new options for most route types to make resources shipment more efficient:

  • Don’t send if destination is under attack: It will not send resources if destination village is also under attack.
  • Full merchants only: It will send only the resources amount that fills the required merchants. This feature will increase your resources shipment’s efficiency by sending more resources with less merchants.

Added “Duplicate Route” button

We have added a new button (“Duplicate route”) to make a copy of any route and help you manage your routes. If you want to create many similar routes, this button will be very helpfull.

For example: If you want to distribute your resources from one village to many, you can create many copies of a single route and then change its destination:

“Duplicate Route” button

Improved NPC Crop Exchanger

Now you can edit desired % of crop that you want to have in your village after making NPC resources exchange. Before this improvement the travian bot put almost 0% crop in your village and it was causing troop loses, this is now solved with current improvement:

NPC Crop Exchanger: now you can change desired crop %

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved: Hero automatic adventures. Lowered random time to do more adventures in less time.
  • Fixed: Marketplace routes infinite loop when there are not enough merchants in village.
  • Fixed: NPC Crop Exchanger did not work if there is no Marketplace in village.

We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer


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