New feature release: Export farms to Gold Club farms list

Dear players, today we are releasing a new feature in TCommander Bot version v0.0.36.0 to help you to build huge amount of farms in your Gold Club farms list in a few seconds. Basically you will be able to search tons of farms in map quickly and then export them to any of your Gold Club farm list.


Exporting farms to Gold Club farms list

Now any of your farms list in TCommander Bot will have a new “Export Farms to Gold Club farms list” button to be able to export your current farms list:

"Export farms to Gold Club farm list" button

“Export farms to Gold Club farm list” button


With this new tool your farms will be exported to your Gold Club farms list in a few seconds:

Export Farms sub-window

Export Farms sub-window


Just, select destination farms list and push “Export Farms” button.

For more details about exporting farms see this manual: Export farm to Gold Club farm list

Imagine how many hours you will save by finding farms for your Gold Club farms list. travian bot will do it automatically and very fast.

Now you will be able to start farming with your huge Gold Club farms lists before everybody else in your server, because no time will be spent while building your farms list. WOW!!




We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer



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