New Update v0.0.44.3: Improvements and bug fixes

TCommander Bot best travian botDear warriors, today we are releasing a new version of TCommander Bot v0.0.44.3 with improvements in Attack Tab and in Marketplace routes. The main benefits of these improvements are: spying single village and multiple villages at the same time; more efficient routes to distribute resources with less merchants traffic.

Lets see these improvements in detail.


Scout option have been added (spying)

Now you can spy your enemies to know what they have in their villages. In Attack Tab you only need to insert number of spies and select “Attack (Raid)” option to make visible scout options:


Scout options


If you use scout option from Fake sub-tab, you will be able to spy all villages owned by a player at the same time.


Fake Attack sub-tab improvements (Search players by name)

In Fake Attack sub-stab we removed the option to fake an entire alliance, because the action of sending troops to all villages of an alliance could take hours if alliance is very big and this is not a good behavior if we want to avoid multi-hunters.

However sending fake attacks to a player have been improved. Now besides selecting a player from dropdown list(a list of already attacked players), you can also type any player’s name even if it is not in the list. travian bot will search the player automatically by its name and will send same troops to each one of the villages owned by that player:

travian bot search player by name

Search player by name


For more details see Fake Attacks manual.


Improved “Supply Buildings Queue” route in Marketplace

When using “Supply Buildings Queue” route from Marketplace tab, now it is possible to define maximum number of buildings that you want to supply in destination building queue. Just use Up to first X buildings in queue parameter to define it:


travian bot Supply Buildings Queue Route

Supply Buildings Queue Route


This way we can ensure to send always as much resources as possible to meet or goal and reduce merchants traffic. Also this improvement lets you build buildings even faster because you will have resources available in less time.


Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed: Farming engine not loading reports automatically.
  • Fixed: Refresh troop movements failed if some troops were sent before.
  • Fixed: All failures after last game servers update.
  • Fixed: Other minor bug fixes.


We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer



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