Scheduled Attacks added and Catapult target improved

We are very excited to announce the release of a new TCommander version v0.0.22.0 which includes scheduled attacks feature. Now you will be able to send attacks at preset time and conquer your enemy´s villages while they are sleeping!!!

Scheduled Attacks Added

Scheduled Attacks Added (click to enlarge)


Now you will notice new options with “Send Later” button to define the time to send the scheduled attack (see image above). Also you will be able to anticipate the exact moment when the troops will arrive to target village; this feature will help you to plan your attack strategies.

After you click “Send Later” button, the scheduled attack will be added to Scheduled Attacks Grid in the bottom side. There you will be able to see and manage all your scheduled attacks (disable, enable and delete).


Catapults target options improved

In this release we made an improvement in attacks with catapults. Now when you enter a number of catapults units and select “Attack (Normal)”, automatically the Catapult panel appears with dropdown lists to select target building to destroy:

Catapult target options

Catapult target options


From the drop down list, you will be able to see all available buildings to select grouped by category (Infrastructure, Military and Resources). This user interface improvement helps you to select the target building faster:

Catapult dropdown list

Catapult dropdown list


Also if your Rallypoint is level 20 and you enter 20 or more catapult units, a second drop down list will appear automatically to select the 2nd target building to destroy:

Second catapult dropdown list

Second catapult dropdown list


Now it is much easier to destroy your enemies with TCommander Bot. Just schedule your catapults attacks to be sent over night while your enemy is sleeping and you will conquer his villages when there is no one else waiting and defending them.



We are hard working to make the best bot ever seen.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer




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