Scheduled attacks improvements

Dear players, today we are releasing a new version of TCommander Bot v0.0.38.0 with improvements for scheduled attacks feature. Now you will be able to plan your attacks with precise timing by using all available options to calculate and fine-tune exact timing for troops movements; very good to plan combined attacks with your alliance. This improvement can also be used to send defensive troops to your own villages or allied members exactly before the attack strikes target village.


Schedule attacks by Arrival Time and more options to fine-tune attack timing

Previously, you only had an option to schedule attacks by departure time, now you have another option available to Schedule attack by Arrival Time. So, this time you can schedule your attack by defining the time exactly when it will arrive to target village.

Scheduled Attacks options

Scheduled Attacks options


Also, we have added more options to fine-tune troops movements precisely without any timing error: Tournament Square level, speed artifact, hero speed boots and hero left-hand item. All these new options will make travian bot to calculate exact departure or arrival time. Just make sure that your village or hero is affected by any of these options.

For more details about using these new options, we suggest to read our updated scheduled attacks manual.


Next improvements for scheduled attacks

In the near feature we will develop a new feature for scouting, so you will be able to scout villages on demand or by scheduled timing.




We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer



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