Search farms and Raid settings improved

We are proud to announce the availability of new TCommander Bot version v0.0.24.2 including more options to search farms on map to help you to find the best farms to match your needs. Also we added a few more options in raid settings to make farming engine more intelligent including options to farm oases.


More Search Farms Options

In the following screenshot, you can notice new search farms options inside red squares:

New Search Farms options

New Search Farms options

With these new options you will be able to choose if you want to show villages owned by alliances or villages with no alliances in search results. By default villages owned by current player´s alliance will not be shown in search results to avoid farming allies.

Also with “Include Farms from other farm lists?” option disabled, you can ensure not to farm villages that are in other farms lists or other villages farm lists and avoid having repeated farms in different farms lists.

Also we added a new “Player Population” filter option so you can filter by player population (sum of all player´s villages population) to avoid any surprise by farming small villages owned by big players. So it is very important to measure the size of the player too while searching farms.

For more details about these new options you can read the manual: How to Search Farms in map quickly


More raid settings options

In the following screenshot you may see two new interesting raid options:

More Raid Settings options

More Raid Settings options


Check empty oasis before raiding: This option allows you to farm oases without losing any troops. First it checks if there are any animals in oasis and will send troops only if there are no animals there.

Automatic frequency by target distance: Now you have the option to set frequency automatically or manual. If enabled TCommander Bot will set raid frequency automatically for you, it will be calculated depending of time needed to arrive the target farm and send one raid at once.

For more details about this new options, read this manual: How to Search Farms in map quickly in section Raid Settings.




We are hard working to make the best bot ever seen.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer

2 Responses to Search farms and Raid settings improved

  • TerraCotta says:


    I started using your bot and I am considering buying after the trial but I bumped into an issue that greatly limits the farming ability. I appreciate the search options a lot, but searching for oases it finds every one around me to have 0 population. If I check the “Check emty oasis before raiding?” it also doesn’t work. I had multiple of my units run into packed oases before the bot disabled farming after the deaths. It’s like the bot can’t see the oasis population. I am not sure what causes the issue although I noticed that most player populations around me don’t match up with the data the bot uses so it may be running on a different database when it comes to villages and oases, even in the case of village names I noticed a few differences between the bot data and my ingame map.

    • hlcadmin says:

      Hello TerraCotta,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Sorry for your confusion. First let us clarify that oases does not have population. That is why all oasis have 0 population, actually population field is ignored for oasis. Population is a field that is related to villages only. Due to oases only have animals, population does not have any meaning there because population means the number of persons (people) who lives there.

      “Check empty oasis before raiding?” option is working in our end. You must be aware that it is possible the oasis animals respawn after your troops has been sent. So there is a small chance to have animals in oasis even when there are no animals in the moment when the troops were sent there.

      You may see a few differences between TCommander Bot data and ingame map because the data in bot cache remains for 24 hours. Every 24 hours you should see updated data.

      If you see any new issue, we suggest you to contact us directly in our contact page here:

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