Security Update v0.0.40.19 and minor fixes

Dear players,

Today we are releasing TCommander Bot security update version v0.0.40.19 with more safe functions and some minor fixes. In previous news post, we alerted that our bot has been detected since game servers improved their bot detection tool and we specified those functions that are safe to use without detection so far.

In current version v0.0.40.19 we secured more functions that can be used now safely without bot detection:

Save Bot Functions so far

  • Search Elephants (safe now)
  • Search Cropper villages (safe now)
  • Search Farms on map (safe now)
  • Party Celebrations (safe now)
  • Hero Adventures (safe now)
  • Constructions of buildings or mines (already save in previous version)
  • Destruction of buildings or mines (already save in previous version)
  • Attacks Recognition (already save in previous version)


You can use above functions safely. The rest of the functions are still not safe until we finish their security improvements. We continue working to improve the rest of the functions to be secure as soon as posible. In the next days we will release more safe functions. You will be notified as soon as they are ready.


Other minor changes of current version

  • Added special tribes (huns and egyptians) support for tx10 game servers.
  • Fixed account tribe loading after game servers update.
  • Fixed sending troops failure when user changed active village in external browser.
  • Fixed upgrade troop failure when user changed active village in external browser.
  • Fixed party celebration failure when user changed active village in external browser.
  • Fixed “Search Crops” function not showing alliance in results grid.
  • Changed: Downlod error log as .zip button now compress both logs: debug log and error log together.
  • Fixed: “Search Farms” not loading player population correctly.



We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer




2 Responses to Security Update v0.0.40.19 and minor fixes

  • Jairo Dominguez says:

    Hola, he comprado la licencia anual.
    Pero no me deja acceder al Bot lo he intentado desde varios ordenadores y nada.
    Me gustaria solucionar el problema lo antes posible.

    • hlcadmin says:

      Hola Jairo

      Los servidores de Travian se han actualizado y TCommander Bot no pudo iniciar sesión. Pero acabamos de terminar de mejorar el bot y ahora puede iniciar sesión a través del bot.

      La solución está en v0.0.40.32

      Para que esta nueva versión funcione, debe descargar e instalar Net Framework 4.7.2:

      Luego reinicie su computadora e inicie TCommander.

      Se actualizará a la última versión automáticamente.

      ¡Que lo disfrute!

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