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Dear players, we have been long time without posting updates in our News blog. But don’t worry, it does not mean that the bot is not working. We have been here all the time making updates, bug fixes and some minor changes to make the bot to work every time the game has some changes.

This is the current status of the bot:

The progress in TCommander Bot

In the last months we did not make big changes to the bot’s user interface and no additional feature have been added, but we have been making big changes in the architecture of the source code, improving some features to work better and doing the migration to make the bot to work with Google Chrome Driver. All this progress is still under development.

These changes have no impact in the visual interface of the bot but makes it to work better and less detectable by multihunters. The migration of the features to work with Google Chrome Driver is still in progress and it’s a low process since it requires a lot of work and we have to ensure that everything is working good by making a lot of tests.

But everything is going to the right direction to make a more secure bot to work smoothly and less detectable.

Development of new Marketplace system

Since the game released a new and improved Marketplace’s user interface, all travian bot features related to marketplace stopped working. So, we have started from scratch the rework the source code of marketplace features and this time to make them to work with Google Chrome Driver.

So the following Marketplace features are not working at this moment:

  • Sending resources from one village to another.
  • Routes.
  • Exchange resources.
  • NPC Crop Exchanger.

We are still working on it and will notify when any of these features are available again.

Avoid using these features

  • When using slow farming feature, try not to use “raid with reports” option. This option may cause your account to be banned. Choose “raid without reports” instead.
  • Load reports from “Reports” tab.

We are improving the way reports are loaded to avoid multihunter to detect the bot.

We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer