Dear player,

TCommander Bot best travian bot

TCommander Bot is under progress to migrate all features to Google Chrome Driver and now we are in the phase to migrate all Marketplace features with the latest game UI.

We want to let you know that at last we have finished migrating some TCommander Bot features of Marketplace to the new version of Marketplace UI that have been released by the game recently. Among other bug fixes and improvements.

New Marketplace features available

The following Marketplace features can be used again:

You can start using those features above again.

These changes are released in latest version of TCommander Bot: v0.0.160.0

Marketplace features that can NOT be used yet

The following Marketplace features can not be used yet since they are still under progress of migration to Chrome Driver and latest marketplace UI in the game.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed: Error when Internet connection is lost on navigate with Chrome Driver.
  • Fixed: Error when loading marketplace and Chrome was closed.
  • Fixed: LoadMarketplace error after reconnect and if could not login.
  • Fixed: Infinite loop if cannot upgrade Great Granary because construction plans are not ready.
  • Fixed: Chrome TimeOutException. Now browser Refresh and try again if this occurs.
  • Added: Screenshot tracking info for error when Silent Authentication.
  • Fixed: Load Marketplace not loading merchant capicity and max merchants.
  • Fixed: Load marketplace crash because Chrome loaded and was not in marketplace page after starting bot.
  • Fixed: Sending Troops was sending less troops than expected if the expeced troops were not available.
  • Fixed: Attack tab, not refreshing Max Troops after Refresh button.
  • Fixed: travian bot Smithy translation in arabic language.
  • Fixed: Authenticate problem when System Page appears.
  • Fixed: Marketplace movements reload failed if Chrome Driver is blank page after session expired and bot started automatically.
  • Fixed: Silent authenticate error if Chrome has different page than login page while trying to login.
  • Fixed: Load Marketplace failure when having merchants “Returning to” origin village.
  • Improved: Chrome Driver handler to detect net error on DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.
  • Fixed: LoadMarketplace error if active tab is “Send Resources” tab.

We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer