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Dear players, today we are releasing TCommander Bot v0.0.66.0 with important security improvements to avoid bot detection and some adjustements to Send By Percent route.

Let’s see all in detail:

Online Time Scheduler

Few months ago we replaced the online scheduler by a new scheduler to allow TCommander Bot to be online more randomly. After testing this new online scheduler we noticed that bot got detected by multihunters easily.

Being online on random hours of the day did not have the results that we expected. Also it did not allow users to set online time for specific hours of the day.

Therefore, we have restored the old online scheduler and added some improvements to it to avoid bot detection.

3 new features have been added:

  • “Generate scheduler” button: To generate a valid random online time schedule. A valid schedule must meet 3 simple rules to avoid bot detection. You can learn theses rules in Bot Security page.

    Now every time you push this button, you will generate a new valid schedule that meets your needs. Or you can edit a generated schedule.

    This way you can generate an online time schedule very fast and avoid having wrong schedules.

    By default, if you have not setup any schedule, the bot will generate a valid schedule automatically to let you use the bot safely even if you forget to setup to create your own schedule.
  • Schedule validator: Now while editing your schedule manually, if your schedule is wrong for not complying with the 3 suggested rules, the bot will show a warning message:
Wrong Online Time 2

This new validator will help newbie users who have not learned how to setup online scheduler correctly, and avoid setting wrong schedule.

  • “Stop bot if it is too active” option:

Despite you may setup online time scheduler correctly to not exceed 12 hours online per day. You may start or stop the bot manually anytime of the day and this may cause the bot to be online more than 12 hours a day without realizing it.

So with this option enabled, travian bot will keep counting the total amount of hours in the last day. If the counter exceed 12 hours, the bot will stop automatically and will rest for at least 4 hours.

Send by Percent route adjustements

The logic of “Send by percent” route have been changed. Read Send by percent manual to learn how it works now.

Other bug fixes until this version

  • Fixed: Sending resources failure due to game server update.
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking on level down button if building is being builded two levels.

We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
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