Update v0.0.81.0 Many amazing improvements

Apr 15, 2022 | News

TCommander Bot best travian bot

Dear warriors, today we are very happy to announce the release of TCommander Bot v0.0.81.0 with many amazing improvements to make the bot easier to use, avoid losing resources, enhance security to avoid bot detection, save in-game gold and much more.

Let’s see all these amazing features in detail.

Added Map Links

Now, for every oasis or village that is found from Find Animals, Find Cropper Villages or Search Farms functions; a map link will be shown to navigate to web game page to see that position in map:

Find Cropper villages with links
Find Animals with links
Search Farms with links

These links provide more integration between bot and web game and let you to take advantage of search features.

Choose villages for Attack Recognition

Now you can choose which villages you want to use for Attack Recognition feature.

Before this improvement, TCommander Bot always scanned all your villages. But most of the time you don’t need to scan all your villages for attack recognition. So now you are able to select your villages to be scanned:

attack recognition villages
attack recognition villages

For more details read Main Settings Manual.

Marketplace routes AI have been improved

We have improved the Artificial Inteligence for most marketplace route types.

Now Send by Percent route, Send on Under Siege route and Supply Buildings Queue route have been improved to detect if there are other resources shipment under way from other source villages to the same target village to avoid overfilling target village warehouses.

Imagine that you have several villages feeding the same target villages, and all source villages send resources to the same target village at the same time. It’s possible that the total amount of resources being sent from all source villages overfills target village warehouses and you could lose a lot of resources. Now with this AI improvement you can avoid this problem.

For example, if the total amount of resources under way from other villages plus a portion of the amount to be sent from current village fills the target village, then the bot will send only a portion of the calculated resources to not overfill target village. Or maybe it does not send any resources at all if all shipments from other villages already fill the free space in target village.

In general, the calculation improvement is made to avoid losing resources unnecesarily when sending resources from many villages to the same target village.

Gold Reservation for NPC Crop Exchanger

Now you can avoid NPC Crop Exchanger to spend all your in-game gold be setting amount of gold reservation:

Gold Reservation for NPC Crop Exchanger

Now travian bot will not exchange resources if the amount of gold in your game account is less or equal than amount that you type here.

Downgrade buildings or resource mines with right click

We have added an easier way to remove buildings or resource mines from Buildings Queue. Just just right click on any buildings or resource mine’s white circle and its last level will be removed from Buildings Queue.

Main Building Upgrade
Main Building Upgrade/Downgrade
Upgrade Claypit
Upgrade/Downgrade Claypit

This is just another easier way to manage your building constructions queue. For more details visit Building Panels manual

Online activity counter

Now the total amount of online hours in the last 24 hours is shown in the lower right corner of the window:

The online activity counter helps you to know if the bot have been too active or not in the last 24 hours and combine this information with “Stop Bot if it is too active” feature from Main Settings.

Server time in log registry

Now server time is shown along with local time in log registry:

Added “Use game server time option” for Scheduler

Now the Online Time Scheduler has a new option to use game server time instead of local time:

Use game server time option

For more details read Main Settings manual.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved Bot Security to avoid bot detection for latest game update.
  • Fixed: Sending resources failure due to game server update.
  • Fixed: Failure if training building was destroyed before trying to train troops.
  • Fixed: Login failure when user name has space characters.
  • Fixed: Bot was not doing more automatic tasks after connection failed while doing Hero Adventures.

We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer