What’s new in TCommander Bot v0.0.198.0

Oct 2, 2023 | News

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Dear players, today we are releasing an important security update including some extra features to help you handle cache data and proxy settings.

Let’s see in details…

Loading reports is safe now!

Previously, we notified that loading reports and raid with report details should not be used because it was not safe and could cause bot detection. Finally we finished the improvements to load reports and it is back safe again!

We have improved reports loading to avoid loading reports for longer periods of time which made the bot unresponsive and other bot tasks were delayed for longer time.

Also raid with report details have been improved to do send troops tasks and load reports tasks synchronously by reducing bot activity.

In general loading reports have been improved to reduce bot activity in game server and is more safe and much less detectable now.

Added button to delete reports from database cache

Now you will see a new button in Reports tab:

“Clear cache” button

This new button will clear all reports from local database cache and of course all reports from the grid. It will NOT delete reports from game account.

After all reports are deleted from local database, when you load reports again, the bot will start loading all your reports from the game account from the beginning again.

Proxy list

We have added a proxy list to let you choose from all saved proxies when login with proxy:

proxy list
proxy list

Proxy list is very usefull so you will not have to type all proxy settings again if you decide to change proxy.

If you setup dual accounts with different proxies, this feature is very handy to login with differerent proxy very quickly.

Clear browser cache

Sometimes you need to clear browser cache when game server is updated or if the travian bot malfunctions due to old cookies.

Now you can clear browser cache easily:

clear browser cache

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed: Error when loading Harbour village on Shores of War server.
  • Fixed: Load Marketplace failure due to pt-PT translation changes.
  • Fixed: Load map failure if it contains Abandoned Shore place.
  • Fixed: Marketplace sending resources failure during certain circumstances when chrome browser is slow.

We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
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