What´s new in v0.0.40.9 and important notes to avoid bot detection

Dear players, after long time, finally we are releasing a new version v0.0.40.9 with new features and important changes. Lately we have been working hard to make the bot undetectable since certain game servers has been detecting TCommander Bot very quickly.

We take bot security very serious and our top priority is to make the bot undetectable. That is the reason of why we have been delaying the development of additional features. In this post we will share the details of new features, fixes and what you should do to avoid bot detection with the current version.


New Features

Proxy setup improvements

We changed the way you setup proxy. Previously proxy settings was unique for all game accounts, so you were able to setup only one proxy. In this release now you can setup a different proxy per each game account easily. This improvement is very helpfull to do multi-accounts by having multiple instances of the bot in the same PC, each instances with different proxy settings to simulate different PCs with different IPs.

Now you setup proxy in login form:

Proxy Settings

Proxy Settings


For more details read our Login Manual.


Import and Export Account Settings

Now you can export and import all bot settings (buildings queues, marketplace routes, troops training, farms lists, reports and all bot settings) to a zip file which can be ported to another PC in case you need to switch PC and keep using the same game account or in case you want to simulate dual accounts:


export/import settings

export/import settings

For more details about exporting and importing accounts settings read our Import/Export Accounts Settings Manual.


Fixes and small additions

  • Added username, server and proxy in main windows title.
  • Fixed not loading certain villages when they are under attack and game PLUS is activated.
  • Fixed proxy connection failure if proxy uses credentials.
  • Fixed Sending Troops failure after game servers update.
  • Fixed NPC Crop exchanger failure after game servers update.
  • Added support on subdomain “titani” for italian servers.
  • Fixed export farms to Gold Club Farms lists failure when trying to export a farm that was deleted from map.
  • Fixed login failure after game serves update.


How to avoid bot detection for this version of TCommander Bot

We are very sorry for all our users who have been banned for using travian bot. Since game servers have been improved to detect our bot, we are still working on improvements to avoid bot detection. After we finish to improve all the features of the bot to make it safe and undetectable again, we will provide 3 months free license for all our users who paid a license and got banned with TCommander Bot.

At this moment with current version of the bot v0.0.40.9 only certain features can be used safely without being detected:

  1. Automatic construction of buildings and resources mines.
  2. Automatic destruction of buildings and resources mines.
  3. Attacks recognition

The rest of the features have not been fully tested yet and should not be used until we finish improvements and testing to avoid bot detection.

We will be releasing the rest of the features gradually to be used safely and you will be notified as soon as they are ready.


We are working hard to make the best bot ever known.

TCommander Bot Team
Command & Conquer




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