TCommander Bot Security – Bot Detection – Avoid Ban

Our top priority is to make TCommander Bot as undetectable and save as possible. It is being developed to simulate a human being interacting with game server in behalf of you by making every feature as human as possible.

However, despites TCommander Bot acts almost like a human, there are certain rules that you must consider in order to reduce the risk of being detected by a Multihunter:


Online Time – TCommander Bot Security

No human can be awake 24/7. That is why Multihunters can be attracted by your account activity if you are online too many hours in a row every day, at least from the same PC.

You must avoid being more than 12 hours of online activity per day from the same PC if you want to avoid ban.

In TCommander Bot you can schedule online activity to set online and offline time.

In top menu go to “Settings” / “User Settings” to open “User Settings” dialog box.
There you may see “TCommander Online Time” setting to schedule the time be online and offline.

Farming Schedule

Online Time Schedule (Good Sample)

Each number in the online time scheduler means 1 hour time interval. For example, number “1” means the first hour of the day, which is from 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM. Number “7” means the 7th hour of the day, which is from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM, and so on.

So, if “1”, “2”, “3” and “4” are red, the bot will be offline during that period of time from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM. If “17”, “18”, “19” and “20” are green, the bot will be online during that period of time from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

When TCommander goes offline automatically, it will stop doing all automated tasks inmediatelly. In that stage you will see the green “START” button in upper right corner again. You dont need to push that button again manually if TCommander stopped automatically because it will start again automatically as soon as online time is reached.

Rules to set Online Time to reduce risk of bot detection

  1. Set maximum 12 hours online.
  2. Minimum offline hours in a row should be 2 hours. 
  3. Maximum online hours in a row should be no more than 5 hours. So being online 12 hours in a row every day is also suspicious. No human can do that every day.

We suggest to destribute online time to be more like a human behavior (3-4 hours online, then come back online after 2 or 3 hours being offline, etc).

Please, follow our suggested rules to set online time to reduce risk of bot detection.

The following sample settings are wrong because the do not follow our suggested rules:

Wrong Settings Sample 1: 
Sample 1 below is very risky because despites it has 12 hours on and 12 hours off, all offline hours are only 1 off line hour in a row. It is almost like being awake 24 hours a day. No human have such behavior 24/7.

Wrong Online Time

Wrong Online Time Sample 1


Wrong Settings Sample 2: 
The following sample is also wrong because hour 16th and 23th are only 1 offline hour in a row. And the rule says the you must set minimum 2 hours offline in a row.

Wrong Online Time

Wrong Online Time Sample 2


Wrong Settings Sample 3: 
The following settings are also too risky because it has 18 hours a day online. So it breaks the rule to be maximum 12 hours online.

Wrong Online Time

Wrong Online Time Sample 3


Also, it is very important that you make sure “Human Emulation” checkbox is enabled. Human emulation is used to add random time to certain automatic tasks.


Using External Web Browser

TCommander Bot was developed to run while you are not playing in the PC and do automatic task in behalf of you. So, it was not developed to be used with another web browser at the same time with the same travian account, otherwise it could malfunction due to wrong village activation and/or if you cancel tasks from external web browser .

Also running TCommander with an external web browser at the same time is a suspicious behavior and can increase the risk of detection by Multihunters. So we recommend to click “STOP” button (this will logout TCommander from game server inmediatelly) while you are playing with any external web browser and then Click START button when you are done with your web browser.


How to simulate different persons playing with same account (Dual Accounts)

If you want to be online for more than 12 hours a day, there are two ways to achieve it:

  1. Use different PCs and set different scheduled online time in each PC. You can run TCommander Bot in any number of PCs with the same license. This way you can simulate different persons playing with the same account from different PCs.
  2. Use one PC with multiple instances of this travian bot by using proxy. The same simulation can be done this way. Just run any number of TCommander Bot instances in the same PC with different proxy settings in each instance and different scheduled online time in each.
    To do so, just set proxy settings while you login:

    Proxy Settings

    Proxy Settings


Human Behavior – TCommander Bot Security

Despites TCommander Bot behaves almost like a human, there are many game actions that cannot be emulated, at least not with current Artificial Inteligence technologies.  For example, answering IGMs, chatting with friends in alliance, not to study the ratings and profiles of other players, etc.

So, there is no 100% warranty to use TCommander without being detected by a Multihunter. All we can do is reduce the risk of being detected by improving current features and adding more features to simulate a human player.

For example, we are planning to add a new feature to help you to reduce detection risk if someone sends you an IGM and you do not respond quickly while being online with TCommander Bot. This feature consists in setting an email address to receive TCommander Bot notifications, so you will be able to receive a notification when an IGM is received and you will be able to answer it sooner.

You can also suggest other features to reduce the risk of being detected by Multihunters in our Contact page. Our top priority is TCommander Bot Security.