Buildings Queue Behavior Logic

Buildings Queue logic was developed to build constructions in your villages like a human. So different factors were taken into account to make the decision to build next contruction: timing, construction order, and status of your village. Let’s see it in detail.


Random Time

TCommander Bot starts building your village buildings and/or resources mines of all your villages every random number of minutes. The minimum and maximum number of minutes used to generate the random time can be defined in Main Settings (top menu “Settings” / “Main Settings”):


Main Settings

Main Settings

This is the complete logic used with random time for construction in all your villages step by step:

  1. Generate random time.
  2. Wait random time.
  3. For each village in your game account
    – Process its buildings queue logic to see if there is any building to be built.
    – If there is someting to build in that village, start building all possible constructions from its queue.
  4. After finishing with all villages go to step 1 to start again.

You must bear in mind that this is the general logic used for constructions in your account, in other words, to decide when to start constructions and scan your villages to decide which one of them should start building.

So we suggest to increase buildings construction random time from main settings when the average time for constructions is longer. For example, if all your villages have constructions in queue that take longer than 1 hour, you should increase random time for example between 30 and 60 minutes. Because it does not makes any sense to scan all your villages for construction every 15 minutes if you know that constructions takes much longer.

Increasing random time when constructions time is longer will reduce bot activity in server and will simulate a better human behavior.


Village status logic

When TCommander Bot is about to build/upgrade the first construction from the top of the queue, first it checks the status of the village to see if it is possible to build any building.


If village has enough resources to build that construction go ahead and build it. Otherwise, it will show a red message: “Not enough resources!”. It also checks if village has enough free crop to build it; and if it doesn’t, it will show a red message: “Not enough food. Extend cropland first!”

Now if village has enough resources and free crop to build first construction on top, it locks that building before sending request to server:

Locked Construction in Buildings Queue

Locked Construction in Buildings Queue


Orange background with padlock icon is the style of a locked construction. While a construction is locked you cannot move it or delete it.

After top construction is locked TCommander Bot sends build request to server and if it is successful then it removes top construction from queue and it is shown above the Buildings Queue with due time to finish construction.

However, if for some reason the build request fails; for example if village actually does not have resource to build because it was robbed before refreshing the village, or if there was another building under construction already because you sent build request from different web browser, etc; then TCommander Bot will refresh Buildings Panel and Buildings Queue automatically to synchronize with your village.


Smart Construction Order

“Smart Construction Order” is the ability to search other constructions in Buildings Queue when it is unable to build the first construction to top. This way we can ensure to keep travian bot building as much constructions as possible and doesn’t stop building unless it is necessary.

This feature is enabled by default. And at this moment it is only checking the resources needed to build first building on top of the queue. This is the complete logic:

  • If village doesn’t have enough resources to build first construction on top, then it will start searching from top to bottom other constructions available in queue that do have enough resources to build.
  • If it finds a construction which required resources are available in village, then it checks if it can be moved to top of the queue. It can not be moved to top if any construction above it is a prerequisite construction. If it cannot be moved to top then it will continue searching until it finds the right construction.
  • If it finds a construction that meets the conditions above, then it is moved to top to start building. Otherwise, it will show a red message: “Not enough resources!”


Let’s see this logic in details with an example.

We have the following situation:

Smart Building


Let’s assume we have only 2000 wood, 2000 clay, 2000 iron and 1000 crop in current village.

Village doesn’t have enough resources to build the first construction on top (Marketplace level 16). So it continues iterating to the next construction which is Marketplace level 17 and of course it doesn’t have enough resources for it either. Now next one is Rally Point level 1 and village have enough resources to build it, it also can be moved to top of the queue because Marketplace is not a prerequisite building of Rally Point. So it is moved to top and locked to send build request to server:

Smart Building

That’s it. It is simple.


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