Buildings Tab

Jul 8, 2018

Here is the best buildings builder user interface you can see in the world. If you really want to grow your villages automatically, faster and easier than ever, this is the best option for you. TCommander Bot has an outstanding graphical interface where you can command placing and upgrading buildings with only a few clicks.

No matter if your building needs other buildings to be built first, you can always drag and place them and TCommander Bot will accommodate them automatically in Buildings Queue to be built with its specific order.


Introducing Buildings Tab

In Buildings Tab is where you will manage all automatic tasks related to buildings. You can add buildings to “Buildings Queue” in different ways; destroy buildings automatically with Demolisher tool and watch the progress of your buildings.

In the following screenshot, you can see each section of Buildings Tab:

Buildings Tab

Buildings Tab (click to enlarge)


  • Resource Monitor of current selected village.
  • Buildings Panel:
    It is a graphical representation of your village and buildings on it. In this panel you can click in different places to add buildings to queue. You can easily place new buildings in Building site or click each existing building to upgrade. It also has the “Resources” tab where you can upgrade your resources buildings (Woodcutter, Clay pit, Iron mine and Cropland). For more details about how to use it, you can read Buildings Panel manual.
  • Current Buildings Section:
    In this place you can see current building(s) under construction with due time to finish construction.
  • Buildings Queue:
    Here you will be able to see all your buildings in queue to be built. Each time you select a building it is added in this queue. Here you may change the order of buildings, remove buildings from queue and even save or load queue template to and from local hard drive. For more details about how to use it, you can read Buildings Queue manual.
  • One Click Construction Panel:
    In this panel you may see a list of constructions options that you can select to add multiple buildings to queue with a single click. You can hover the mouse over each icon to know details about it.For example if you hover the mouse over first icon it will show tooltip: “All mines to level 8”. It means it will add to queue all your resource mines (Woodcutter, Clay pit, Iron mine and Cropland) to upgrade up to level 8. Another example “Main Building to Level 15”, will add to queue Main Building upgrades up to level 15, etc.
  • Refresh Button: This button will synchronize and refresh your buildings in server with buildings in the user interface.
  • Demolisher: With this tool you can select a building to downgrade down to level 0 automatically until it disappears from your village. This tool is visible only if you have Main Building level 10 or greater. You only need to select a building from the dropdown list and click the “Demolish” button.


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