Crop Finder – Search 9c and 15c villages

If you are tired of wasting so much time looking on the map for free crops, now is the moment to stop suffering. With Crop Finder tool you can find 9c and 15c villages easily and automatically while you do other stuff. You only need to set which village to search from and maximum distance. And within a few minutes you will have a list of available crops to conquer.


Open Crop Finder Dialog

In order to use Crop Finder tool, first you need to login through TCommander Bot. Then go to top menu “TCommander/Crop Finder” to open Crop Finder dialog:

Crop Finder Menu Item


In Crop Finder dialog there are 4 simple steps to start searching crops:

  1. Select starting position: You can start searching crops from any position on the map. By default the starting position X/Y belongs to one of your villages. If you select a different village from the Villages dropdown list, the starting position will change automatically to the same position of the selected village.
  2. Maximum Distance: Enter number of maximum distance to search crops. It will search crops from the starting position surroundings to a maximum distance specified.
  3. Crop type Filter: You can see 3 check boxes to filter crop type. Click “15c” check box to enable/disable search 15c crops. Click “9c” checkbox to enable/disable search 9c crops. And click “Free fields only” checkbox to enable/disable searching only free crops (crops that don’t belong to any player).
  4. Search Speed: This is the speed to search on the map. You have 3 different speeds to select. FAST, MEDIUM and SLOW. Fast is a bit risky because such server activity can by suspicious to be noticed by multihunters. Medium and Slow speeds are more secure to use.

See image below for more details:

Crop Finder Dialog


And finally click “Search Farms” button to start searching. In a few moments you will see the results.

You may see in the image above the result list table shows 8 crops.

The results table has 5 columns:

  • Distance: Displays the distance between starting point and crop village. If you click the header of this column, the rows order changes by distance.
  • Crop Type: Show if it is a 9C or 15C village.
  • X/Y: Displays the position of crop village.
  • Player: Displays player owner of the crop village if any, otherwise it shows nothing.
  • Alliance: Display player´s alliance if the crop village is owned by a player´s alliance.


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