Export Farms to Gold Club Farms List

Oct 11, 2019

Gold Club players can take advantage of TCommander Bot to search tons of farms in map automatically and then export them to any Gold Club farms list in a few seconds. This way anyone can add huge amount of farms in Gold Club farms lists very quickly and start using Gold Club farming without spending hours trying to find good farms.


Exporting your farms to Gold Club farms list

Before exporting your first farms, obviously TCommander must have farms in any of its lists, so you must add them to any farm list that you have created in TCommander Bot. See this manual to learn: how to search farms and add them to TCommander farms list.

Once you have farms in any TCommander farms list, you can use “Export farms” button to export them to any Gold Club farm list:

“Export farms” button


In the new “Export Farms” sub-window you must choose a destination Gold Club Farms list to export your farms:

Export Farms sub-window

Export Farms sub-window

You have the option to create a new gold club farms list or choose among other existent farms lists contained in the dropdown list. To create a new gold club farms list, just leave the dropdown with the first option “Create New List” and then enter the name of the new list in “New list name” text box.

Other options to export farms:

  • Update existing farms:
    When this option is enabled (default), if the selected destination farms list already contains farms and they match with any of the source farms, destination farms will be updated with troops squad of source farms. 

    Farms exporting feature always keep any farm that already exist in destination list. With this option you may choose whether to substitute existent farms troops squad with your farms in travian bot or not.

  • Export only active farms:
    When this option is enabled (default), you will export only those farms that are active in your farms list. This feature helps you to select which farms you want to be exported from your TCommander farms list.
  • Number of farms to export: Here you define that maximum number of farms that can be exported to your destination farm list. The first X numbers of farms will be exported.


100 is the maximum number of farms that you can have in a Gold Club farm list (this is a game restriction). So while exporting farms, if the destination farms list reach 100 farms, exporting process will be aborted automatically. To continue exporting more farms you will have to do it again by selecting another destination farms list.


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