Fake Attacks

In previous manual we saw how to make normal attacks. Now we are going to see how to make fakes attacks automatically. Fake attacks allow you to send troops fakes to all villages of a target player or target alliance at the same time automatically.

You don’t have to attack each player´s village yourself. TCommander Bot will detect the position of each player´s village automatically and will send the fake attack to each village at the same time.

To make fake attacks you have to click “Fake” tab, see red arrow in the following screenshot:

Fake Tab

Fake Tab

It is similar than doing normal attacks, the only difference is the target to select.

In the highlighted square of image above you may select the target to fake. First in the left dropdown you must choose “Fake Village”, “Fake Player” or “Fake Alliance”. If you select “Fake Player” (default option), it will show a list players in the right drop down list. And after selecting the target player it will show the number of villages of the selected player in the right side.

In the example above we have chosen a player with 30 villages. It means this travian bot tool will make the fake attack to 30 villages of the selected player.

The rest of options are identical to normal attack. You choose number of units to send as fake, sending type, catapult options if any and you decide if you want to send fake attack immediately or later by pressing “SEND NOW” button or “Send Later” button respectively.


Fake Attacks Alliance

If you select “Fake Alliance” from the left drop down list, a list of all alliances will be populated in the right drop down list. Then after selecting the target alliance it will show total number of players and total number of villages of the alliance in the right side (see following screenshot):

Fake Alliance

Fake Alliance

The example above means that TCommander Bot will send fake attacks to a total of 653 villages at the same time. Of course this fake attack will take longer then faking a single player.

Now you are ready to confuse players and entire alliances with automatic fake attacks.


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