Bot Farming (Slow mode)

May 7, 2018

TCommander Bot has 2 farming modes. Bot farming (slow mode) and Gold Club Farming (fast mode). Bot farming is the slowest method (because it sends only 1 attack at once) but it allows you to create more complex raiding strategies and study the results of your attacks to let you decide which farms are more profitable for you.

Once you have been raiding your farms for some time with Bot Farming, you will be ready to decide which farms are profitables and that not lose you troops. Then you can export them to gold club farm list to start raiding in Gold Club Farming tab to raid faster. However, if you already created good gold club farm lists before starting using TCommander Bot, you can start using Gold Club Farming right away.


Introducing Bot Farming

Since Bot Farming tab is the place that you should start using to raid your first farms, it contain many tools to let you manage your bot farm lists and study the results of your attacks to decide which are your profitable farms. For example:

– Create, move and delete farm lists.
Search farms on map
– Delete, move or active/desactivate one or many farms at once.
– Spy one or many farms at once.
Define your raid strategy for each farm list.
– Watch number of your troops in village and set evasion for them.
– Watch incoming attacks.
– Watch all attack reports for a single farm.
– Among many other features.

So this is your command center screen to manage all your troops’ movements.


Anatomy of Bot Farming tab

In the following screenshot you can see all the sections inside Bot Farming tab (click to enlarge):

bot farming tab

  1. Resource Monitor of current selected village.
  2. Own Troops Monitor with Evasion where you can watch total number of troops and set evasion settings.
  3. Farm List section: Here you can manage farms for each Farm List. You can see the grid of your farms; add farms by searching on map, adding single farm or by importing from gold club farms list.
    You also have options to delete, move, enable and disable farms. You can even send scouts and edit raid settings of current Farm List. We are going to cover the details of Farm Lists later in part 2 of this manual.
  4. Incoming Attacks: Here you may see details of incoming attacks. If your RallyPoint has higher levels you may see number of troops with this travian bot. Also, Attack Recognition must be enabled in order to detect incoming attacks automatically.
    And you will get a Sound Alarm every time new attacks are detected. It is a very usefull feature to alert you so you can decide what to do if any of your village is under siege. Sound Alarms must be enabled to make it to work:  


    Sound Alarm Window

    Sound Alarm Window

  5. Farm Reports: Here you can see all the reports of the selected farm. You can select any farm and this grid will show all reports belonging to that specific farm automatically. This feature makes a big impact in the way you analyze the results of your farming strategy. You will be able to see what is going on with that specific farm very quickly and adjust your raid settings to enhance your profits. For more details see Reports
  6. Delete Farm by Coordenates: Use this button to search a farm in all your farm lists and delete it quickly. It’s very usefull when you have many farms lists and tons of farms. You will save a lot of time if you want to delete a specific farm. You will not need to spend time looking in every farm list:
    Search and delete from all your farm lists
  7. Add List” Button: You can add as many farm lists as you want:
    Add New Farms List

    Add New Farms List


    You only need to enter the name of the farm list. You can create different farm lists to add farms and use different farming strategies per each list. More about farming strategies in Farm Lists manual.

  8. “Refresh” button: It refreshes troop’s movements in RallyPoint and update data on screen.



Also, take notice the double arrow mouse icon when you hover the mouse between Farm List section (3) and Incoming Attacks section (4) and Reports section (5). 

Split Bar of travian bot

Splitter Bar


This is also known as Splitter Bar, which is a draggable divider that separates top and bottom sections and allows you to shrink and/or stretch each section. This is a good feature for users who have larger monitors and it lets you to see more farms or more incoming attacks and reports when you drag it up or down respectively.


Continue reading “Bot Farming part 2” (Farms Lists)


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