How to Buy License

Jul 29, 2017

tcommander box

After you download , install and login your server through TCommander, a free license, which expires after 7 days, is assigned to that game account automatically. So you can use a new free license for each game account.


After the free license is expired you must purchase it to extend it to be able to enjoy TCommander for more time. This means that you must purchase a license for each game account that you use in TCommander.





Steps to Buy TCommander License

Step 1:

Go to top menu and select Help/Buy License:







Step 2:

The “Buy License” popup window appears. There you will see a dropdown list with all game accounts that you have been using with TCommander. Select the account you want to extend its license and then click the “Buy License” button:

Buy TCommander Bot - Best Travian Bot


Step 3:

It will redirect you to TCommander Licenses Membership website, where you will be able to manage all your TCommander Licenses. If you don’t have a TCommander account yet, there you can register your new travian bot account by clicking the “Register” link as shown below, otherwise, just login with your previous TCommander account and skip step 4.
IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not necesary to register another TCommander account if you already have one. And if you do, you will not be able to transfer licenses between game accounts.


Step 4:

In the Register page, just fill up the form and click “Register” button:



Step 5 (Final):

You will be redirected to buy page to start the order process.