How to transfer license days from one license to another

Jan 3, 2024

If you finished using your TCommander Bot license with your current game account and there are still days available in your license, you can transfer those remaining days to another game account or license and you will not need to purchase another license.

In this manual you will learn the steps to transfer the remaining license days to another license or game account,

1. Make sure the destination game account is in your list of licenses

It is possible that the destination game account is not in your list of current licenses yet. This can happen if you still have not purchased a license for the destination game account in the past.

In order to verify it you must go to TCommander licenses website and login with your existing TCommander account.

There you will see a table with all your current registered licenses:

List of licenses

If your destination game account is already there then you can skip the next step and jump directly to step 3.

Otherwise continue with the next step.

2. Assign your destination free license to your TCommander account

A 7 days free trial license is generated automatically for every game account that you use starting from the first day that you login with it through TCommander Bot. But the free license must be assigned to your TCommander account, which is the account that you register to manage all your licenses.

Follow these steps in order to assign your free license:

1- If you have not used your game account in TCommander Bot yet, just login with your game account to get your 7 days free licence.

2- Now go to top menu “Help” / “Buy License”:

3- Select your game account from the dropdown list and push “Buy License”. Don’t worry you will actually not buy a license now:

Buy TCommander Bot

It will redirect you to TCommander Licenses website where you must login with your existing TCommander account.

4- After login you should see the page to purchase a license. But you will not buy it, instead go to the “Licenses” link as seen on left menu:

Now you should see your destination game account in you list of licenses.

3. Choose your source license

From the licenses table, select the source license and push “Transfer” button:

Bear in mind that you cannot transfer a license if it has less than 10 days to expire.

4. Choose your destination license

Now you can choose the destination license that will receive the remaining days by clicking “Choose” button:

5. Transaction Success

You are done!! You will see the successfull transaction details:

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