Importing Farms from Gold Club Farms List

May 13, 2018

If you are a Gold Club player, you will love this feature. You have been using Gold Club Farms List and created huge farms lists for some time and now you want to use those farms in TCommander. You can import gold club farms lists quickly and start raiding from TCommander Bot.


It is very easy, just locate and click “Import Gold Club Farms List” button:

Import Gold Club Farms List Button

Import Gold Club Farms List Button

It will start loading your farms lists:

Loading Gold Club Farms Lists

Loading Gold Club Farms Lists

A few seconds later “Import Gold Club Farms Lists” popup window is populated and ready for you to select which farms list to import:

In “Select Farm List to Import” dropdown list you may see all farms lists available from your Rallypoint. Select the desired farms list to import:

Gold Club Farms List Popup

Gold Club Farms List Popup

Keep source raid troops: This option to decide if you want to keep the same raid troops from the source farms list. It is not enabled by default, which means the raid troops defined in Raid Settings will be used instead.

Set all Farms as Active: This option to decide if you want to add farms as active or inactive status.

“Raid Settings” 
Button: Use this button to edit raid strategy of current farm list. For more details see this manual: Raid Strategy.

And finally click “Import Farms” button to add those farms to Farm List in TCommander.


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