Login with TCommander Bot

Mar 6, 2018

The first thing you need to do in order to enjoy TCommander is login with your game account.

In this manual we will cover all the steps of login process:

Login Box


Login Box

Login Box

Login box has 2 main sections:

First section (see highlighted #1 red square in image above) to manage the current saved game accounts.

There you have features to select, add and remove game accounts. All your game accounts are saved in your local PC in a safe place. Because of this is first time you open TCommander, the accounts drop down list is empty.

Second section (see highlighted #2 red square in image above) to enter game account information. This can be used to enter new server accounts or to edit existing server accounts.


Add Your First Game Account to Login

  1. Enter your game account username and password.
  2. In “Server” enter subdomain in its text box and select the server domain.
    For example if your server is https://tx3.travian.com.uk you must enter “tx3” in text box and select “co.uk” from domain dropdown list (see image below):


Server Account credentials

Game Account credentials

    3. Now click “Save & Login” button.


Your account will be saved in local PC and TCommander Bot will login with your  account.


Using proxy

You may need to use proxy if you want to simulate  a different PC or IP from the same local PC.

This simulation can be used to do multi-accounts or to simulate dual accounts (1 game account played by two persons):

proxy settings

  1. Enable “Use Proxy?” checkbox.
  2. Enter proxy host:
    It’s the proxy server IP or proxy host name.

    Or you can select from a list of proxies  that have been saved previously:
    Upon selecting a proxy from the list, the rest of parameters will be filled automatically.

  3. Proxy port.
  4. Use proxy credentials:
    Check to add proxy user and password if proxy requires credentials. Usually free proxies do not require proxy credentials, while private proxies do.
  5. Proxy username.
  6. Proxy password.


Each proxy is saved per each different game account. This means that each game account have his own proxy settings. So next time you open TCommander Bot you dont have to enter proxy credentials to login with same game account again. Proxy will be selected per each account automatically. It is very usefull to do multi-accounts.


You can add any number of game accounts. There is no limit. You will have 7 days of free license for every new account that you add.


Delete and Edit Game Account

The accounts drop down list shows all accounts saved in your PC:

Select and Remove

Select and Remove

Select one of them and the Delete button (red square highlighted in image above) becomes enabled. When you push the delete button it will remove the account only from the list of accounts in your local PC. It will not delete the account from server and nor from TCommander server (which hosts the license of your server account).

Also, when you select an account from accounts dropdown list, it will populate its username, password, game server text boxes and proxy text boxes automatically. There you can edit them and save again. That is good in case you change your password in server, you will need to edit your password in local account in order to login with TCommander Bot.


Plus button

Plus button will just clear the text boxes to help you to add new account credentials:


Now you are ready to start enjoying TCommander Bot.


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