Marketplace Automator

Mar 21, 2018

Marketplace Automator is a set of tools to automate process of sending and trading resources on different scenarios. You can create routes to supply smaller villages, schedule sending resources and even search trade offers automatically without wasting your time in front of your computer. TCommander will always keep your villages with resources, they will not lack of resources anymore. 


Marketplace Overview

In Marketplace tab first you can see 5 mains sections (see image below):

marketplace overview

Marketplace Overview

  1. Is the Resource Monitor of current village.
  2. Shows numbers of merchant in home village and total number of merchants. For example (20/20) means it has 20 total merchants and they are all in home.
  3. Merchant’s capacity.
  4. Here you can reserve any number of merchants. The bot will no use that amount of merchants to do any automatic task.
  5. “Send resources immediately” box is the first feature of Marketplace tool which is part of “Overview” sub-tab. You can select destination village, how many deliveries and resources to send.
  6. “Own merchants underway” box shows a grid with all your merchants underway. This box is also shown in other sub-tabs (Routes and Autotrade).
  7. “Others merchants arriving” box shows a grid with other merchants arriving which are bringing resources to your village. In its top side you may see the total “Incoming Resources” resume which has the sum of all the resources incoming with those merchants.That is a very nice feature to help you anticipate how much total resources will be added to your warehouse and granary before they are full. This box is also shown in other sub-tabs (Routes and Autotrade).


Marketplace: Sending resources with multiple deliveries

You can send resources to your own villages or other villages including the multiple deliveries feature. Sending resources with multiple deliveries is very helpful if you have only a few merchants available and need to send more resources than they can carry. Marketplace Automator will just repeat the resources sending X numbers of times on merchant return to make this happen.

Let’s see the steps to send resources with 1 or many deliveries:

Marketplace Sending Resources

Marketplace Sending Resources

Step 1 (Select target position)

You can send resources to your own villages or other villages on the map. By default the target position X/Y belongs to one of your villages if you have more than one village in your account. If you select a different village from the “To Village” dropdown list, the target position in “To Coordenates” will change automatically to the same position of the selected village.

If you want to send resources to another villages that does not belongs to you, just use “To Coordenates” text boxes to enter its position.


Step 2 (Select how many deliveries)

The deliveries drop down list shows up to X5 deliveries to select, by default it has value 1X, which means you can send it only once by default, or you can select the other options:



Just select one of them.


Step 3 (Set resources)

In the resources editor you can enter the amount of lumber, clay, iron and crop to be sent. You have two ways to enter resources amount. By entering the number directly in its text box or by sliding the “C” icon from resource slider:

Resource Editor

Resource Editor

And finally click “Send” button.

See? TCommander is a wonderfull travian bot tool.


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