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Mar 29, 2018

Marketplace Router is a powerful tool that allows you to create routes network to send resources among many villages automatically. Imagine that your villages will never lack of resources anymore, they will always have resources when they need it and your warehouses/granaries will not be full anymore which could make your village not produce more resources from resource mines.

Automation of resources deliveries among your villages can help you to grow your empire up very fast.

With Marketplace Router you can create routes to supply smaller villages before warehouses are full, or when destination village is about to be empty. You can even schedule sending resources for certain time of the day to crop supply villages with large armies and avoid troops to die. Or you can send resources if destination village does not have enough resources to build the next building from Buildings Queue.

As you can see, there are many situations to decide when to send resources. These different scenarios to send resources are called “Route Type”.  We have 4 different route types in TCommander Bot: “Send By %”, “Send Daily Resources”, “Supply Buildings Queue” and “Send On Under Siege”.


Marketplace Router: Adding Your First Route

To add your first route with Marketplace Router you have to go to Marketplace tab and select “Routes” sub-tab. Then click “Add” button:

Add Route button

Add Route button


A “Create Route” popup window appears:

Marketplace Router : Create Route Dialog

Marketplace Router : Create Route Dialog


“Route Name” is the first field to fill. You can name it as you want, try to give a name that describes this route and help you to identify it. For example, “Sending Daily crop to Wonder village”.

Second field is to decide if you want to add route to your own villages or other villages (not owned by you). Depending of this choice certain fields are hidden or shown. By default if you have only one village, you can select only “other villages”, like image above.

In “Destination” field you must enter the X/Y coordinates of target village.

“Route Type” dropdown list has a list of all route types to select from. By default, if “other villages” is selected, it will show only “Send Daily Resources” route type. Because that is the only route type that we have to send resources to other villages so far.


“Send Daily Resources” Route Type

“Send Daily Resources” route type was created to send resources to your friends, alliance members or your own villages with large armies. For example, you can use it to send crops daily to another village with large armies and avoid troops to die or send resources to train more troops. You can even use it to send daily donations to your alliance.

In “Time To Deliver” dropdown list you can choose which time to deliver resources:

Time To Deliver

Time To Deliver

The time specified there is time of server, not local PC time.

Then choose “Deliveries” dropdown list to choose how many times to send the resources. This is good if you have only a few merchants available, Marketplace router will send resources again on merchant return until it reaches X times. By default the selected value is 1X (send resources once):



You can choose to send resources up to X5 times.


And finally enter the amount of resources to send in “Resources Editor”. You can enter lumber, clay, iron and crop amount directly in the related text boxes or you can drag “C” icon.

Resources Editor

Resources Editor


Then click “Save” button.


Now we have added our first route in Marketplace Automator.


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