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Apr 15, 2024

The Truth About Online Games That Harm Your Health and Family Relationships

Now a day, many online role playing games are being designed to take away advantages from your game account if you are offline. For example: losing troops, resources, villages, etc. And this happens only because you go to sleep or do something else that you need to do in your valuable life.

The game the you are playing today is not an exception and it is forcing you to play much more time than you want to be in front of a computer. It is making you to sleep less hours than your body needs to rest and it impacts very negatively in your daily tasks. It is making you to be very exchausted all day. Also it is consuming your valuable time that you could be using for more important things in your life.

Many players are having problems at work or school because they get asleep during the day.

Others are having problems with their wife or family for having too much time in front of a computer.

It is no secret that the lack of sleep is detrimental to your health

Either way it is a bad situation for you. This is making you to suffer at school or risk your job. You don’t need to damage your love relationship or your health.

It is unfair that a game is doing this to your life only because you cannot be 24 hours a day on your computer. Game developers are making money from you while they suck your health.

It’s your life, you don’t deserve this. We know it.

So, We Decided To End All This Injustice

And Create a Never Seen Before Bot

That Plays For You 24/7 And Helps You Grow Your Game Account Faster Than Your Opponents While You Are Sleeping or Doing Your Daily Tasks.

And so, we’re happy to mention that after spending tens of thousands of hours of development, finally we’ve finished a very modern, revolutionary and easy-to-use software that’s got your back covered from all ends even if you’re a non-tech guy or a non-experienced player.

tcommander bot travian bot

Our Mission?

We want you to have enough time to rest all night and avoid having problems at school or job.

We want you to enjoy your valuable time with your family and friends.

We don’t want the game continue damaging your health.

We also want you to grow your empire faster than your opponents and become a top player in less time. Let you create huge armies faster than even before. And of course we want to help you to win many medals!

So we will continue working in travian bot to make it better each time so you can rest in peace and achieve your goals.