NPC Crop Exchanger – Automatic NPC Trading

Apr 17, 2019

NPC Crop Exchanger allows you to trade crop for other resources automatically when Granary reaches certain full percent. This TCommander Bot feature is wonderful for cropper villages (9c or 15c) where Granary gets full very quickly.

So, now you will not lose your crops anymore due to excess of resources in Granary and you may use the exchanged resources to train more troops, build buildings or other resource consuming tasks.


Using NPC Crop Exchanger

Using npc automatic trading is very simple. First go to “Marketplace” tab and select “NPC Crop Exchanger” sub-tab:

NPC Crop Exchanger

NPC Crop Exchanger

In the image above you may see different settings to use it:

  1. Here you can enable/disable NPC Crop Exchanger.
  2. Minimum percent full Granary: Here you may set the crop percent in Granary to be reached before start exchanging. This means crop will be exchanged only if this percent full value is reached in Granary. In other words, if crop percent in granary is greater than or equal to this value, it will be exchanged. 100% full value is recommended to ensure crop is exchanged when granary is full and get maximum profits.
  3. Minimum crop to exchange: Here you set a minimum amount of crop to be exchanged. Crop will NOT be exchanged if it is less than this value. Use this value to ensure not to exchange lower amounts of crop and avoid this tool to trade too often.
  4. Maximum percent full Warehouse: Here you set the maximum full percent allowed in Warehouse to start exchanging. If lumber, clay and iron percent in Warehouse are higher than this percent value then exchange will NOT be done. This is good to avoid exchanging if Warehouse is full.
  5. Desired % of resources: Here you define the percents to distribute the resources among lumber, clay and iron. You may change default percent values depending on how you plan to use the exchanged resources.
  6. Gold reservation: Type here the amount of gold to reserve. TCommander Bot will reserve this amount of gold in your game account. In other words, it will not exchange resources if amount of gold in your game account is less or equal than amount that you type here.


We recommend using default settings for maximum profits.