TCommander Bot Online Manual

TCommander Bot Online Manual is a set of manuals to cover all topics and features of TCommander. Currently it is under construction. We have covered only a few topics and there is too much to do. We will be releasing new topics periodically and will add links in this page.


Online Manual Index

Miscellanea Manuals

How To Buy License

How To Report Bug

Getting Started Manuals

Login with TCommander

Resources Monitor


Elephants Finder

Crop Finder

Main Settings

Import/Export Account Settings


Buildings Manuals

       Buildings Tab

Buildings Panel

Buildings Queue

Buildings Queue Behavior Logic

Party Celebrator

Marketplace Manuals

Marketplace Automator

Marketplace Router

Send By Percent Route

Supply Buildings Queue Route

Send On Under Siege Route

Managing Your Routes

      Exchange Resources tool

    NPC Crop Exchanger

Troops Manuals

Troops Tab

Researching and upgrading troops automatically

Training troops automatically

Farming Manuals

Farms Tab

Farms List

Troops Monitor & Evasion

Search Farms in Map

Raid Strategy

Import Gold Club farms List

Export farms to Gold Club farms list

Attack Manuals

Attack Tab

Fake Attacks

Scheduled Attacks