Own Troops Monitor with Auto Evasion Settings

Own Troops Monitor is an user interface control in Farms Tab where you can watch number of troops of current village and set evasion for them. It is a good place to analyze total troops´ movements and allows you to define which troops to evade.

Auto Evasion feature is very useful to avoid losing troops while you are under attack.

Own Troops Monitor

Own Troops Monitor


As you can see “Own Troops Monitor” is a grid with 10 cells where each cell represents each troop type. For example the first cell represents Phalanxes troops:

Phalanxes Settings Cell

Troop Type Cell

  • The very top row contains troop type icon with troops amount n / t, where n is number of troops in home and t is total amount troops. In sample image above we have 590/590, it means we have a total 590 phalanxes and 590 of them are in home village, none of them are outside village.
  • The second row is a text box where you enter number of troops to stay in home while evading (# of troops that will not evade). It means that it will evade all phalanxes except the number you enter there. If you set 0 it will evade all phalanxes, no troop stay in home while evading. Zero is the value by default.In our sample image, we set 300.  It means that 300 phalanxes stay in home, the rest of them will evade.
  • Third row shows the running man check box; by clicking it you enable or disable evasion for this troop type. If running man is black, evasion for phalanxes is enabled. If running man is grey, evasion for phalanxes is disabled.Running man check box allows us to define which troops to evade. For example, in the following image we enabled evasion for Clubswingers and Axeman only:


Attack Recognition feature must be enabled in order to make Evasion feature to work. “Attack Recognition” is enabled by default.