Party Celebrator

Jun 13, 2019

If you want to increase your culture points much more faster than before then you need to use Party Celebrator. Party Celebrator allows you to celebrate small and big parties automatically in your Townhall as soon as resources are available. You don’t have to wait for the party under progress to finish to start next party. TCommander Bot will start next party automatically if there are resources available.

This feature reduce the time to produce culture points in your village drastically. So, helping you to have more villages faster and growing your empire faster.


Party Celebrator Settings

Using Party Celebrator is very easy; in Buildings Tab, locate “Party Celebrator” sub-tab:

Party Celebrator

Party Celebrator


There, just make sure to enable small parties and/or big parties check boxes pointed by red arrows in image above. They are disabled by default.

Big parties celebrations have priority over small parties celebrations if both are enabled; however if village has not enough resources to celebrate big parties then it will try to celebrate small parties with available resources.


Are you ready to celebrate parties and increase culture points in your village much more faster to grow your empire like a Pro with travian bot ?