Raid strategy – Define your raid settings

You can define your raid strategy for the entire farms list in “Farm List Settings” sub-windows. Raid strategy defined here affects all farms contained in the farms list. So each time you adjust or fine-tune your raid strategy, all farms in the list will follow the same adjusted strategy at once.

Defining raid strategy for the entire list at once instead of defining a strategy for each farm allows you to save a lot of time while adjusting raid settings. Furthermore, this way you can focus your strategy depending of which farms has been added to the list as a group.

For example, let´s say you searched and added farms around you with population no more than 100 inhabitants. Now you can define raid settings with lower amount of troops since you know your farms are small villages. Or if you added farms that are far away from you then you can choose to raid only with cavalry troops to reach target in less time. 

Imagine that you can define a raid strategy specially for oasis farms list, or a special strategy for Natars farms list. This is a very powerfull and smarter way to manage your farms. Now you can really focus in strategy and TCommander Bot will do the rest.


Defining your raid strategy

Define your strategy in “Raid Settings” sub-window:

Raid Strategy in travian bot commander

Raid Strategy window

  • Farm List Name:
    Set the name of current farm list.
  • Raid Troops:
    Here you set which troops and how many will be used to raid.
  • Maximum Allowed Troop Lost %:
    Here you can control percent of troops that you accept to lose and continue farming non-stop. So, if percent of troops lost in one attack is greather than the value defined here, the farm will be disabled automatically. Default value 0% means that no troops are allowed to die, so farm will be disabled if any amount of troops are lost.
  • Check empty oasis before raiding?
    This option allows you to farm oases without losing any troops. First it checks if there are any animals in oasis and will send troops only if there are no animals there.
  • Increase/Decrease troops number automatically
    Increase troops number gradually up to Maximum Raid Troops if bounty profit is 100%.  Or decrease number of troops depending how much % of resources they raid. This feature allows you to use more troops for those farms that are full of resources or less troops if farm is not full. This way you will use your troops efficiently and your profits will increase significantly. This option is not enabled by default.
    This is the logic:
    If last attack had not troop loss and bounty was 100% then number of troops will be increased by 20%. This will be repeated if you continue getting 100% bounty. The number of troops will be increased gradually up to Maximum Raid Troops defined by you.
    Otherwise if last attack bounty was less than 90% of resources, the number of troops will be decreased depending of % they raid plus 5%. For example: if bounty was 64%, the number of troops in next attack will be 69%.
  • Maximum Raid Troops:
    Here you set maximum number of troops to raid in case you enabled “Increase/Decrease troops number” option. So this setting will be visible only if that option is checked.
  • Raid Frequency Options:
    There are two ways to define raid frequency in this travian bot: automatic or manual. Automatic is enabled by default, which means raid frequency will be calculated automatically depending of time needed to arrive the target farm and send one raid at once. Troops speed and target distance is used to calculate automatic raid frequency.If you disable automatic frequency then you can set fixed number of minutes:Manual raid frequency
    NOTE: If Human Emulation is enabled, a random time will be added to the frequency set, either manual or automatic.

Also, if farm still has initial protection, TCommander will continue trying to send troops until initial protection is gone. The time to try again is defined by raid frequency option. This automatic feature is very good to start farming villages as soon as target player initial protection is gone without having to check them in map manually.



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