How to Report Bug in TCommander Bot

Sep 15, 2017

Servers change their HTML code very often. When this happens, TCommander can fail to retrieve information from the servers and shows an error message in the registry log. Don’t worry, this is a normal situation and there is nothing we can do to avoid this error because it depends of servers HTML code which can change anytime. All we can do is fix the problem as soon as possible to allow you to continue using TCommander Bot.


Reporting you first Bug in TCommander 

We have developed a “Report Error Mechanism” to collect all the error information detected by TCommander  and help you to send this information to us very easy. With this information we will be able to analyze the error and fix it as soon as possible. We will never ask for your server account credentials to fix the error, we don´t need it. Your server account password is only yours. None of our customer support team agents will ask for your password ever. And if they do, please ignore.

Then, we will show you the steps to use this mechanism to report an error/bug:


Step 1: Detecting the error in TCommander

In the bottom section of TCommander, you can see the Log Registry. There you may see the TCommander activity messages and any error message if they occurs:

travian bot error detected

Error detected in TCommander Bot

If in any moment you see a red message containing “contact customer support” or “internal error”, that is the moment where you can start reporting the error.


Step 2: Collecting the error information in TCommander 

Now that you know that something bad happened. Go to top menu Help/Errors Log to open the Errors Log dialog box:

The Errors Log dialog box appears.

Don´t worry if you dont understand anything there in that box. You only need to download the entire error log file to send it to us.

Click the “Download as .zip” button to save it in your hard disk:

Errors Log Dialog

Errors Log Dialog


Step 3: Sending Error Log .zip file

Once you have downloaded the error log .zip file to your hard disk, you are ready to send it to us.

You have two ways to send the error log file:

1- By replying any of the emails sent by us. Just attach the file and explain when the error ocurred.

2- By contact page in this link: Contact Page

    In contact page you can attach the file, and in message body please explain when the error ocurred.


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