May 28, 2021

From Reports Tab you can load and see your reports.

TCommander Bot saves the loaded reports in local database cache so you can keep and read reports anytime even if you deleted them from your account:

Reports tab (click to enlarge)

Reports Grid Columns

  1. Report’s type icon: Indicates the type of report.
  2. Date: Shows report’s date.
  3. Player: Show player’s name.
  4. From: Shows origin village.
  5. To: Shows destination village.
  6. Resources: Resources stolen or sent, depending of report’s type.
  7. Bounty: Percent of resources stolen (for attacks reports)
  8. Profit: Profitability percent is calculated by amount of resources earned against resources lost (attacker troops deaths).

    Each attacking troops, costs resources to train. So all attacking troops that died, cost resources to the attacker.

    This way we calculate the profit (efficiency) of the attack. For example:

    – If the attacker robs 20000 resources and no attacking troops die, profit is 100%.

    – If the attacker robs 20000 resources, some attacking troops die and they cost 10000 resources to train; profit is 50%.

    – If the attacker robs 20000 resources, more attacking troops die and they cost 20000 resources to train; profit is 0%. The attacker earns nothing because the amount resources robbed is equal to the amount to of resources lost for training death troops.

    – If the amount of resources lost by the attacker is higher than the amount of resources robbed, profit is negative number.

  9. Troops: It specifies attacking troops, how many dies (red numbers) and how many are caught in traps (yellow numbers).
  10. Troop Loss: Percent of attacking troops that died in attack.
  11. “Clear cache” button: Deletes all loaded reports from database. It will NOT delete reports from the server game account.
    After all reports are deleted from local database, when you load reports again, the bot will start loading all your reports from the game account from the beginning again.
  12. Refresh” button: Load recent reports. It will load only reports from last 2 days.

Reports for automatic farming

You can also see reports for any selected farm in the lower-right reports grid from Farms Tab:

Farming with reports
Farming with reports (click to enlarge)

This reports grid is very important to manage your farming strategy because you can see and analyze what happens for a single farm by watching only reports for that farm in a single place. If you would want to do this by reading all reports from reports page. You would spend a lot of time.

This is a good place to analyze “Bounty“, “Profit” and “Troop Loss” columns to analyze the efficiency of a single farm.

You must be aware that travian bot read reports automatically while farming only if you use “Raid with reports details” raid method. For more details, see Raid Strategy.